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It is officially one month since I have started this new job, and moved to a new city. The tasks at work are slowly becoming easier, I’m starting to gel with most of my coworkers, and my familiarity going to work and back home is getting really good. In terms of going out and exploring, well, that remains an area of improvement. So does getting to know more neighbors here at my apartment, although it’s rare I catch them coming out of their apartments and other people here at the complex come and go. But I know where my stores are at nearby, as well as a mall that has many shops.

In terms of going out for fun, I can finally do that because I finally got paid! It’s nice having a little security net to buy a few things. Unfortunately, with the start of a new month means one thing for adulting: paying bills. Do I sometimes wish I had a roommate to help pay? Sure, but when I think of my friends there’s only like 2 people I would even consider living with. I can’t live with a messy person, or someone who’s always on the couch every hour. So I’ve had to pay for October’s rent, as well as a few other things. On the plus side, I’m feeling very confident that by winter time I should have enough for an international trip.

That’s of course assuming I don’t spend a lot going out to places. We can never predict the future though. Now that we enter month 2, the goals remain almost the same. I need to continue learning and getting better at work. Getting to know my coworkers better might be easier with the holidays coming, and if we go out for more happy hours. Getting to know my neighbors, well, I’m not sure how that will be honestly. But for going out, maybe I will join a sports league or some sort of adventure group. Did I think this would happen sooner and I’d meet new people? Yeah I will admit it, but we always have to expect the unexpected and roll with it. Persistence will pay off. A year and a half later, it did for me getting this job, and soon it will pay off again meeting amazing people. . .

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