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For the record, I did not have a heart attack so don’t worry. Today I’m running on about 4 hours sleep, and had a long day of mostly nothing at work. Combine lack of sleep, and boredom, and that makes for a terrible combination. Why did I not sleep? Well, apparently, I decided to sleep on my arm. So I woke up in the middle of the night, and realized my complete arm was numb. Not just my hand, but all the way up to my shoulder. I seriously could not lift up my arm, so I had to use my other arm to fling around the deadweight. It felt weird grabbing my arm, as if it was some tingly meaty appendage that wasn’t mine. Is that how those with phantom limb syndrome feel? I dared not turn on the light, because I had this fear that my arm would be purple or something due to lack of blood circulation.

Of course, by now you know that everything is okay. But I could not sleep the rest of the night. When I got to work, I had one session I would sit in for the morning, but they didn’t show up. So literally for the rest of the day, besides lunch, I was alone to do whatever. I’m very glad today is over, and I’m home laying down. Tomorrow should be more busy, and exciting, and then the weekend is finally here! As I take on more responsibility, I have to keep telling myself that I should take my time. I told my supervisor, and coworker buddy, that I sometimes put pressure on myself that I need to hurry up and get good so I can help them with the load. But they reassure me that everything is okay. Focus on myself, and that helps is always there when needed. Something to remember for you out there as well.

Come Monday, it will be cooler weather at last. 85 degree weather, which I know is not fall-ish weather but hey it’s a start. This weekend, my parents will come up to deliver my car that was being fixed. Maybe we’ll go see a movie, but for exploration I’m still working on it. Again, though I have money at my disposal now, I have to budget wisely. If I want to keep hopes of traveling, I can’t go too crazy. But I also know the importance of enjoying life and having fun. I can’t coop myself up in my apartment every day. So I’ll look online and see what opportunities exist. Do I take some dance classes? Go join sports? Maybe volunteer? I mentioned these before, but I will look much harder this weekend and see what really interests me. Also important is sleep, which I’ll definitely do this weekend. . .

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