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For the entire week, I was walking to work with just my feet. The horror! I had forgotten my scooter back at home, as well as my car to be looked at. A 2002 car, that is barely holding up. As much as I want to get a new one, my parents are stubborn to give up on the old jalopy. But today, they came up to visit for a couple of hours, and I am once again reunited with my car and scooter. I feel my coworkers will be glad to see that return. They’ve been used to seeing me carry it at the end of the day, that this week they kept mentioning where was it at. And with the cooler weather finally(!) arriving, it will be an even better scoot to work in the mornings. What usually is about a 12 minute walk, turns into a 7 minute walk. Trust me, it’s quite the difference.

This morning, I was finally able to work out again. With sleep issues, and other things, it just was difficult to feel motivated to do it last week. But I really want to be more involved with the outdoors and life like that. I am still looking for opportunities in town that I feel I will enjoy and will allow me to meet new people. But other than that, it was another ho-hum weekend. But with a Halloween party supposed to occur here at my apartment complex, I’m a little excited to go to that so I can finally know some people who live here. Every time I drive in or out of here, I like to wave at people I see walking in the parking lots. Some wave back, but most of them kind of just look at me wondering who the heck I am. As I said, it feels like most people these days just aren’t as approachable as they were in the past.

If I had a dog or a kid by my side, guarantee it would be different. That only makes me wish I had a dog. Someday I will; someday. This week at work, we’re supposed to decorate for the fall season and Halloween. We also have plans for another happy hour in a few weeks, and breakfast taco day on Friday. Little things like that I hope bring us closer together. Things are okay now, but there’s still a few folks that I just am not close to. Breaking through cliques can be hard, as I’m sure you all know from school or work experiences. I’m also trying to maintain in touch with my friends back home, but I’m starting to see life’s moving on for them. It’s bittersweet since I’m glad they’re doing well, but also sad that we’re not as close as we used to be. It’s something to keep in mind when you move elsewhere, as it will almost always happen. But other friends, who live much further away, keep me company on the phone and seem to message just at the right time. I wish I could travel right now; in a plane, because my car and scooter will not survive. . .

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