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As predicted, the moment I walked outside, to get inside my car and go to work, the weather felt so amazing! Even scooting my way to the office was great. I typically am not super positive, especially when sleep isn’t fully good, but today was hard to complain. Morning shadowing went really well, and then the afternoon (though a little long) was not too bad either. Most of my coworkers were a bit sluggish today; many were tired from the music festival this past weekend. Yet with such good weather, several of us decided to eat lunch outside. Slowly but surely I’m chipping away at getting to know them better, especially the ones I don’t talk to much. I truly cannot wait till Friday though, as it will be a high temperature of 75 degrees. Fall weather is almost here! I think I needed a day like today, because yesterday near the end of the day I just was not feeling great.

Even today, one of my old coworkers from my previous job texted me to see how I’m doing up here. I probably texted a lot about how it’s been since I moved, but I know they’d really like to know how I’ve been. And wasn’t I saying in my last post about how some people in our lives (recent or past, local or far away) can just pop in at the right moment in our life? Today my coworker friend was talking about his super busy, but fun active, weekend. How I wish I could do some of those things as well. Tonight, and for most of this week, I’ll still be looking for things to do and groups to join. I was thinking of going to those trivia nights events. Whenever I play with my friends on PS4, I am really good at winning; 13x Champion over here. I just really want to have a new post for my “travels and adventures” category. I feel like I owe it not just to myself, but to you friends as well.

Guarantee, though, that once this jalopy goes away and I get a new car I will finally take road trips. Speaking of my lovable old car, the latest problem arose this morning. So when my parents returned it to me, they informed me that the alarm is not working properly. So they said don’t use the control to turn it off. However, when I went to my car this morning, as I tried to unlock the door and get inside guess what happened? The alarm went off. . . while most of my neighbors were sleeping. It was so embarrassing, as I quickly ran back into my apartment to grab the control to hopefully turn it off. It worked but I had to stand close to the car for the signal to reach. Ugh, I know I complain about this car, but I know whenever the day comes to trade it in for a new one I will feel a little sad about it. It’s been with me through a lot, including the good and bad moments. But things change, like the weather, and sometimes we have to carry on from what’s behind us. Going forward can be made easier with good company, and I know I have that; whether the friends on the other side of my phone screen or the people at work. . .

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