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So yesterday was not a good-feeling day. Today was better, maybe due to it being Friday, but things were more smoother. Sessions went okay, but still need practice. I have another presentation on Monday that I have to prepare for, so my weekend will consist of that. But also my folks will come up to help look at the car. We will see if this is the official end to it, or like Frankenstein it just refuses to die. I don’t mind driving the truck, but this city is more friendlier to smaller cars and I’d hate for anything to happen to my dad’s truck.

The weather today was amazing, though much cooler than I had thought. I believed it would be like 65 degrees, yet it was actually around 55 degrees. My winter clothes are all back home. So my long sleeve was my jacket for the day. It won’t be cold like that for a few more weeks, but today I may have played Christmas music in my office. My coworkers kind of liked it, but mostly groaned about it. I feel I’m the only one who really likes Christmas. Yes, Halloween hasn’t happened yet but can’t people let loose and pretend? I still feel there’s a small disconnect in our office at times, and I’m trying my best to get to know everyone. At the same time, I also have to make time to learn on the job. I’ve been told not to worry about “working at home” and studying up on things, but I can’t help but feel I should to be where I want to be. Two days off out of the week is really not enough for anyone.

So another weekend of not much fun. How can I with my folks being here? But there’s concerts coming later this month I’m hoping to attend. I also want to go to trivia nights, but I actually have not had much luck finding it. If only Christmas break was right now so I can decompress, get more familiar with this city, and study for my work. At this point, I have no idea where I am in terms of progress they expect me to be at. I feel I’m behind, but I have to keep using positive self-talk. And as I said yesterday, my friends were there for me after that rough day. They relate because they, too, are going through tough times whether it’s school or trying to find a job or whatever else. And I don’t say it often, but I hope they know I’m grateful for all that they do and being there. Always show appreciation to your friends. They may not be blood-related but, when you find incredible people in your life, it’s like having another family. . .

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