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Weekends are never truly long enough. I complain about that often, but that is one of those statements where we can all agree positively about it. My folks did end up staying the night Saturday, and it was initially okay. I slept on the sofa, and that thing is not long enough for my height to sleep across. I love my sleep, and that wasn’t fun. The car was not fun to deal with. It “was” fixable, as my dad and I replaced a hose but then we had car alarm problems. The damn thing blared out 3 times for about 15 seconds each, which feels like an eternity with neighbors creeping peeks through their windows to see who is making that racket. My dad could care less about the noise, but he doesn’t live here. I do, and have to be careful not to incite complaints against me.

So we spent all Saturday night trying to figure out how to disconnect it. Sunday, we managed to get it disconnected but then the car wouldn’t start. So we went to Walmart to get jumper cables to try and kickstart the battery. Did that, and it worked. But then the car once again spit out a lot of white smoke out of the exhaust, which was floating up to my neighbors balconies. We had to move it quickly to the other side, because again I don’t want complaints. I already don’t know my neighbors so the last thing I need is negative views to start. My dad speculates that there’s a crack somewhere around the engine, and the cost to repair it can be hundreds, if not thousand.

Whether it’s about cars, or in life, sometimes you have to take a step back and reflect if some things are worth the effort trying to maintain or if moving on and starting new is for the better. In this case, is paying to repair a car that will constantly have issues be worth it, or is it better to get a new car that is in much better condition and longer lasting? It seems more and more likely to my folks that the latter is the better option now; like I’ve been preaching for such a long time. If it goes that way, I don’t know if a new car will happen by the end of next weekend but who knows. As for me, all this definitely took a hit to my study time for my presentation for tomorrow. It’s not a super important one, as this is just to get me practice but again I’m trying to show I’m working hard at it. That I’m improving, and I hate the feeling of being lousy. Luckily tonight I get my bed back, and I have some time to continue studying. Hopefully all of our weeks this week goes well for us. . .

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