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So my noise machine arrived back home. It can make a variety of sounds from nature, to the ocean, to rain and trains. Hopefully it helps me STAY asleep, because that seems to be the main issue of late. Last night I woke up at 3:15 am! Ugh, I don’t know if I fell back asleep but I want to say I didn’t. Fortunately, today at work was relatively smooth sailing and I didn’t have many sessions. But tomorrow I will be quite busy, and I truly need to be well-rested to function properly. I think anyone can relate to that. Work has been going okay, but that’s about it. It’s just going. The learning and practice still goes on, but I’m being tossed more into the fire whether I feel ready or not. In a way, I feel like a kid standing on the edge of the deep pool; slowly about to put my foot in. When all of a sudden, someone behind me tries to push me in by force.

On one hand, I can resist and insist I go when I’m ready. On the other, I let them push me in and see if I sink or swim. I get they want to see how I do on my own, but at the same time I still don’t feel fully ready. We’ll see how it goes I guess. And it could just be the lack of sleep affecting my confidence, but also I’m trying my best to have fun. With the latest in the car situation, the focus has shifted to that instead of enjoying life in the new city and exploring. Now I have to figure out where to get a new car and what to do with the old one. Of course, we have to get rid of it but how is the issue. I’m going back home for an appointment, and to get my winter clothes, this weekend. That’s one thing I’m glad about, as the cooler weather officially will be the new norm.

But Friday, there was a concert in town I was hoping to go see. I have a better idea as to where to go for events, such as trivia nights with people. I could go to a concert next Tuesday night, but driving the truck is such a pain sometimes. Like today, in the garage I finally get a closer spot in there but backing out was more difficult with that big thing. I’m definitely a SUV guy. And next week will be another happy hour event with my coworkers. I can’t wait for that, since the connection still goes slow in the office. We recently found out that someday (perhaps in the spring), we will be moving to a new building. Whether some of us will be split and merged with other departments remains to be seen, but I wonder a little bit if that affects how much people open up; knowing change is on the horizon.

I am looking forward to visiting home, though I am a little salty. I gave my parents my tickets to see Hugh Jackman live. I mean, how often will I get the chance to see Hugh in person? That was my thought when I bought the tickets; before I found out I would be moving away. I probably could’ve gone (yes I definitely could’ve), but I would probably get their 30 minutes late. And then of course the drive home late at night, I would’ve reached my apartment at around midnight. Sleepy, next morning Steven would probably feel terrible but happy. Instead I was a good child, and let my parents go in my place. What happened? They were moved from the upper level seats down to be much closer to the stage. They were super close to Hugh. It should’ve been me. I was happy for them, and they enjoyed it, but I’ll be honest the salt was real. But I can’t complain at all, since I’ve been fortunate to see other well-known people. And they came up to deliver the truck for me to use; knowing it meant not getting to their free dinner event. Hugh will have to wait a little longer. . .

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