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Today I’m running on about 4 or less hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it. A friend of a friend came up to visit me, because we both love soccer; football to literally anyone outside North America. Apparently every year, the English Premier League (EPL) has their talk show come to a different city in the US once a season. Last year was in Boston, and today was here in my city. What a coincidence right? Ever since I moved here, all of a sudden, unique things keep popping up here as if I’m at the right place at the right time. Anyway, he drove up Saturday night and we should’ve gone to bed early. Instead we made a late night Whataburger run, no regrets, and went to bed around midnight. I doubt I slept well, and I didn’t even get to shop for my Halloween event for work that day.

So we woke up at 5:00-ish, got dressed, drove and walked to the soccer event in the cold and saw so many people there! He told me about a code we could use to skip the line. It worked for me, but it didn’t for him. I felt bad, but we eventually met up again inside. On the plus side, I was able to walk away with 2 free EPL merch, instead of one since I found a flag on the floor at my feet. We took photos with trophies, talked with fellow supporters which is always fun, and of course some famous people. It’s always amazing seeing well-known people just mingle with the crowd, take photos, and have fun. I even helped crowd surf some of them! I’m not sure if I was on tv, but I know my hand was at when I waved a flag on camera. It was totally worth not getting much sleep, and I’m glad we went. These are the social outings I’ve been longing to do since I moved here. And it brought me and that friend a little closer, as we never really talked much just the two of us.

After we left, he drove back to my hometown and I was able to do my work Halloween shopping. I went one dollar over the $15 budget they said we should all aim for. That’s alright though. This week will probably be a bit busy, and I’m hoping I do well. Happy hour was fun, and today was incredible, so I’m riding a wave of positivity and joy that I pray continues into this week. I plan to dress up for Halloween, too, but it won’t be extreme. It’s just nice to see things loosen up for me at work, and since the move, that I can enjoy life. But right now, I will really enjoy relaxing the rest of this day and sleep early tonight. . .

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