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You know what I was thinking today on my way home? We should all drive with our windows down. When the weather is great like today I should say, because it was really great. I didn’t realize daylight savings was this past Sunday, and it certainly crept up on a lot of us. Yet when I drive home now, I really love the sunset look in the sky as I near my apartment. And in the mornings the sun is rising, which also makes driving easier on those curvy roads. But these past two days, I’ve been driving home and rolling my windows down. Even though there’s traffic near my place, it’s pleasant just sitting there waiting. Feeling that breeze sweep across my face as that chill music is playing was awesome. I’m looking around at the other cars next to me, wonder the whole time why they don’t roll their windows down and enjoy this blissful weather while we can.

And it would allow us all to hear each other’s music. We need to be more talkative with one another is what I realized, as I kept seeing many people on their phones. Not necessarily holding them in their hands, but docked on their phone holder near the steering wheel. Today I am also feeling good, because I finally switched garages! My new parking spot will be much closer to my building, as it is perhaps the most coveted garage on campus. It took two months, but I finally got the email (apparently last Friday) stating I’ve been offered to finally park there. Even though I sort of enjoyed parking where I normally parked, and walking by the big stadium every day, I’ll much prefer this one. Besides the obvious time save of walking to and from, it’ll also save me from the weather. I hated walking in the extreme heat, but soon it will be the winter cold and rain hitting my skin. Going from a 12 minute walk to about a 4 minute walk will feel immensely better all around.

Besides that, things at work have been steady. No negatives, and slow progressions. All in all, I’m feeling more confident in myself. Today was the first day I finally got to do sessions on my own, even though it was brief 15 minute versions for something I have the most experience in. But that little trust is reassuring, and positive sign that could lead to full solo-mode. They know I’m busting my butt off to do great, I just was a bit slow at first but I’m taking initiative for tasks. Still no new car yet, but I’m certain by Thanksgiving time it will happen. Right now some family members are sick, so they haven’t been able to test drive some cars. I’m debating if I want to go back home this weekend if they’re still sick. Again, the last thing I need is to get sick and not go to work. But it would be nice to see my little nephews again, as well as my friends. We will see, as we are now halfway through the week. The cold weather is about to make it’s long stay by tomorrow, but that won’t stop me from rolling the window down and enjoying this quiet, scenic life that I’m currently having right now. . .

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