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It was a long Friday trying to make it to 5:00pm, but I made it and couldn’t wait to go home. See my family, play with my nephews, watch some good shows and movies, and of course home-cooked meals. There was more traffic than normal on the way home, and it took me almost 3 hours to get home as opposed to the normal 1.5 hours. Along the way, I heard some good music that was perfect for road tripping. How I wish I could do that right now. But playing trains with one nephew, and holding the other finicky baby nephew was well worth the long drive.

My folks finally got to see the latest Spiderman movie, though they agree they wish to see an older Spidey like Tobey. And we also saw Aladdin, and like people said: Will Smith is not so bad as Genie. I liked both movies, and I do hope to go to the cinema to see a few others that recently came out. Other than that, I did some errands with family including changing the tires on the truck. They may not improve how it drives in the rain and ice, but it’s better than having old tires that are not as good. While I waited to turn the truck in for it, I had the radio on again. And can you guess what type of songs were playing? Christmas music! Ah, that is one of the things I missed from home was the annual time to hear those holiday songs. Sometimes they start way before Thanksgiving, other times much closer. I think it depends on the weather, but now it’s begun.

Many might say it’s too soon for that, but I’d disagree. While they say let Thanksgiving have it’s time to shine, I’m here like “Please tell me what Thanksgiving songs exist?”. Whenever I think of Thanksgiving day parades, they always include Christmas things to it. I like to think of this time of year as dinner. You have your starting entree (Thanksgiving) to get you started. Then you have the main course (Christmas/other holidays), and then dessert (New Year’s) to close out the time spent. It’s probably a terrible analogy, but I think it makes some sense. Since I was born in winter, I have to love this time of year in some capacity. My body might sometimes complain about the cold weather, but I do love it.

I’ll have to survive another week and a half at work, before I can go home and enjoy a holiday. Hopefully it goes well for me. As I drove back home, and even on the way back here to my apartment today, I thought about travel again. Remember that talk about how I feel like there are places around the world where I feel I could live there and call it home? Maybe it’s because I saw a travel show when I was home, but once again it made me take a step back on life and think. How you out there, and I, might aspire to roam the world yet are confined where we are. Maybe only allowed to do so for a week or two. It just doesn’t seem right in my mind. It just doesn’t feel right.

And so that show I mentioned, the host went to Catalonia and enjoyed the culture there. For those who have been around for a long time here, you might recall that Spain is at the very top of my list of places I want to see; potentially move there if I could. As a teen, a dream of mine is to have a house on the coast of Spain; walking along the beach as the sun is setting. You might sense the relaxing lifestyle I want that would include being outdoors. Now since I’ve never been there, or to other places like Austrailia/Chicago/London/Italy, my answer could change. But, again, that vision of going global can’t go away. It won’t go away, nor do I want it to. Yet it’s hard just sitting around, knowing you should really be doing “this” but you’re not. This is where those who take the chance and pursue it at least know they are doing it. And I’m the one here telling you all “Live a life of ‘Oh well’, and not ‘What if'”. I totally see the irony in all this. But trust me when I say almost everyday I am thinking of solutions to these things. I know there are others out there around the world that I can’t wait to see and meet. I had a stroke of luck getting to where I am today, and I’m going to need another one to find my way home. Wherever that may be, and whoever that may be with. . .

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