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Made it through another week. Overall, it was an okay one at that though Friday was rough at the end. It started off good, and I was feeling it, then 2 consecutive no-shows occurred. With a new member set to join our team after Thanksgiving, I have to make the most of the opportunities given to show my progress. So the no-shows are not always ideal for me. And then my last session just wasn’t good. It’s hard to explain why, just that I had a hunch it wouldn’t go great. I hate when my hunches are right, but I also learn to let go and carry on. Afterall, it was Friday and I draw nearer to Thanksgiving holiday where I’ll spend more time with family and friends back home. I can’t wait for the food, football and shopping.

Maybe not so much shopping, because there’s not much to get this year, but I like the camaraderie and planning together of it. The holidays, family and friends are what push me through tough times. They’ve been less and less up here, but again the progress has been slow. It’s like for every step forward I make, something might make me feel like I fell back two steps after. The growing pains stage of learning has certainly been more painful than one can hope. But I’m not giving up, and I feel like I’m getting close to the point I need to be. At the same time, friends and family keep insisting that to be expected to know and excel at this within 2 months from the start is crazy. Yet they’re not here, and that’s how it feels sometimes.

Another thing that’s been inspiring and motivating for me is TV. I’m not hooked on TV, but there is my favorite show at the moment. No, I don’t have Disney+ even though I’m debating on that. I mentioned this show before, A Million Little Things, and it reached it’s winter finale this week. I absolutely hate fall/winter finales. I partly understand why, since most will be on holidays and such. But also, we are on holidays with lots of free time to do things; like watch our shows. I’ve seen many good shows, that are trying to gain viewers, go on long breaks and when they came back don’t do well; ending up cancelled. This show is not in danger of that, and the last episode was so moving for me. Every character is relatable in some way to me, and each you care about to a certain degree.

It’s touching to me how they all go through hardships, and it’s not always a happy ending. But at the end of the day, they persevere and move forward knowing they still have each other; the core characters I should say. And the theme of this past episode was that we all go through dark days, and it sucks, but to not give up for there is always tomorrow to come. Another day to look forward to, and try anew. That’s what I said after my rough session yesterday: another day. I’ve said it before, and you probably drew that conclusion in reading my posts, but it hasn’t always been easy since the move up here. I wouldn’t call this a dark time, because I’ve had very dark days in the past. Yet it has been difficult at times, and I’ve learned more about myself and adjusting to what I’ve faced here. I’ve said before I moved that change can be scary, and I will admit to you global friends that I have been afraid, anxious, stressed at times here.

You were there for my restless nights trying to sleep, the times I doubted my abilities, and adjusting to new isolated realities. But like in AMLT, I know that there is always another day ahead. No matter what, there are people who will be there for you and saying “I got you”. I have my family, and my friends, and in some ways you out there reading this. You might be more of my listening friends, but you’ve been there and perhaps related to what I’ve gone through. Whether it’s you out there in India reading this, or you in China, Russia, Argentina, Canada, or you in Italy. No matter the language or culture, all of us around the world go through good times and tough times. Just know you’re never alone, and that someone’s got you whether near or far. I don’t know what the future has in store for me in this chapter, but I keep carrying on knowing tomorrow is a new opportunity. And for me, the holidays are great opportunities to show those very friends and family how much I appreciate them being there for me. I can’t wait to see them next week, and enjoy the food and memories together. Cherish those you have in your life. They may not always be perfect, but they’re there for you in times of need. And so whenever you can, even when they’re not going through tough times, let them know. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it can simply be you just saying: I got you. . .

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