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Today was one of the slowest times it took me to get back to my apartment after work. So many students were clogging up the lanes as they prepared to go back home; wherever that may be. While I was sitting in my car pouting, listening to the radio as it played Christmas music, I knew this would make Wednesday easier. I was able to request to leave work 30 minutes early to head home for Thanksgiving break. I’m so excited to have a 4 day weekend! I had to tell myself to take it one day at a time these past two days. Overall, they went okay and we’re now preparing the office for the new employee who starts next week.

I hope it goes well for her, as she will be the oldest by some years compared to everyone in the office. Even I struggle at times because, as I mentioned before, this is the first time I have ever worked (professionally) with people around my age. Sometimes I get their references and interests, while other times I have no idea what they mean about the latest celeb gossip or what was on Snapchat. It’s kind of become cliche to call one’s self an “old soul”, but I was calling myself that way before that ever became a cliche. In a way, I sense that in the future this new coworker and I might get along better than most of the others since I’ve always had great relationships with the older crowd.

While we prepare for her arrival, tomorrow before I go on holiday break I will have my 90-day check-in with my supervisor and director. These past two days, I was a excited nervous ball of energy impatiently waiting for the break. But for this meeting, it’s more nervous than excited because I have no idea how it will go. As I mentioned in old posts, my progress has not been as quickly as expected and I let the worst thoughts come to mind about me. I’m expecting uncomfortable talks about performance and where we go from here, but it must be done and it’s all a part of adulting. Knowing how things have been the first few months, and seeing what can be done and where to go from here should only help me in terms of growth and progress.

Yet I still feel a bit nervous for what might be said, however this chapter in my life really emphasizes the notion of moving forward and rolling with the punches thrown. No matter what is said, 30 minutes later I will be driving home to see family and friends. I can’t wait to see my nephews again, and eat food with friends I have not seen in awhile. Along with the other Thanksgiving traditions, it’ll be nice to just decompress and process these first three months up here. So much happened, mostly not great, but I think I’ve done well to adapt to it. We’ll see what’s next, but no matter what I am grateful for every opportunity given to me. It ties into the holiday theme of thankfulness, whether it’s moments or people in our lives. No only am I thankful for my friends and family, of course, but also you people out there reading this. I can’t stress that enough, and I always hope my words have inspired you in some way; even if I don’t post frequently. I probably won’t post until Sunday when I should return back to my apartment, so whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not try and make time to let those in your life know how thankful you are to have them. I’ll see y’all soon. . .

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