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So I was planning on posting about two days ago. I spent a few hours actually editing a video to attach to a post I was writing, but then WordPress told me nope. If there’s one thing that’s annoying it is time being wasted. Perhaps I’ll still post it, but you folks know some of my posts are more impactful with a video attached to it. As another week is about to wrap up, I try to resist the excitement knowing Christmas break draws near. December 20th is the goal I’m trying to reach. This week at work has been okay, as the new employee started on Monday. On one hand, I’m finally no longer the “newest person”, which is nice to think about. On the other hand, new employee is of higher rank than me so I still feel like bottom of the totem pole. We’re both learning and adapting, but being 3 months ahead I should be more further along.

Again, I’m not dwelling or stressing about things anymore. The annoyance is simply not knowing. I wish I had the remote from the movie Click so I can fast forward to July to see where I am in life. Did I sink or swim? Growing up was a life full of uncertainty for me. It had a two-pronged effect in that I became a person who loved planning things and knowing what the plan will be. Yet I also like uncertainty and spontaneity of adventure. When I went to Orlando, sure it was semi-planned, but I had no idea what it would be like. When I was there, I decided to buy a last minute ticket to a basketball game. Going downtown in a place I’ve never been alone, it had it’s own feel. Looking back now, I guess that’s how it must feel for those of you abroad going to other countries. I liked that feeling.

I’m still doing research about podcasts, and a friend of mine is also interested in joining in on that. The creative, business-y side of me is churning up again of late. It hasn’t been active much since my app idea, which believe it or not still hasn’t gone away. My mind never stops thinking, and it is often full of ideas and thoughts. The problem sometimes is organizing those thoughts or following through on it. But if I really want something, like my passport, no matter what it takes I’ll do it. However, what I ultimately want (a life of simply travelling) is a bit trickier. I’ve talked about the life of travel bloggers, and how making what we love into work can backfire. I keep thinking how I can do such a big goal, with the experiences I have, and with the skills I know. How did Rudy Maxa and Rick Steve get to where they were. I think of the time commitment it would take to reach goals, not just for travel, but life goals as well. I reflect on the people out there in the world I have not met; wondering when that will happen.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Big Fish, which I’ve referenced plenty before, you might recall the witch at the start. Edward chose to look into her eye to see how his story ends. His friends debated about knowing vs. not knowing, and I have to side with Edward. I would love to know the future. Not necessarily everything that happens, but it would bring peace of mind and I can make the best use of my time. But that’s not how it works here, and we have to do the best we can. I’m about to be 28 in 12 days, and I’m still figuring things out. Talking with others, even strangers, can open doors we never would’ve thought of before and perhaps I should try that more often. If we’re persistent enough, we’ll find our way. For now the focus remains trying to make it to winter break. I miss the cold weather, but the “Christmas diet” certainly has been present full of pizza and cookies. Even now I’m craving pancakes. Whether it’s the break or life, we’ll get there soon. . .

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