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Does anyone else like to go shopping first thing in the morning? I should clarify, grocery shopping is what I mean. Typically every weekend, I still wake up super early because my body doesn’t know the difference between weekday and weekend. And usually every weekend, I make my grocery run to get things for the following week or two. Back home, we would normally go late afternoon or evenings, but on my own I decided to do it in the early mornings. It wasn’t easy at first, however I’ve grown to enjoy it. The streets are quiet, parking is mostly empty, and there are not a whole lot of people shopping.

When I return with my things, I feel like I took care of the main task for the weekend. Then I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. This morning was actually quite chilly to the point I needed my winter gloves. After putting away my food, I laid on the sofa under a blanket and browsed what was on tv. I honestly think all day, today, one tv channel has been playing The Great British Baking Show. And I love that. Of course, I haven’t watched it all day but as I write this post it’s currently on the tele again (I’m imagining saying that with my so-so British accent). I know they tried an American version here, but I don’t think it did well ratings-wise so it didn’t last long. I absolutely love cooking shows, as well as travel shows, and I’m sure in another reality I pursued some sort of culinary career. I love the creativity that goes with it, and the smells and of course the taste of the things people make in the kitchen.

With this show, in particular, it has this cozy feel to it. It’s perfect for just relaxing, and enjoying delicious desserts being made. I wish I had the motivation, and money, to put towards cooking all sorts of things. For me, I make mostly simple things, however if friends and family ever visit (which is rare) then perhaps it’d be different. But another reason I like the show is, of course, where it’s located. Many of you know I’d love more than anything to be in Spain/Italy/Greece area with the culture and sea and people. But what you don’t know is that I also considered life in the UK. In my job search back then, I even sent applications to London with no luck. When it came to travel, I do daydream scenarios in my head. Me walking on a coast in Spain as the sun is setting, or walking down a quiet street of colorful buildings in Italy, or perhaps eating food near the sea at a Greek restaurant. But I also imagined myself in the UK, though it may have been heightened with the Harry Potter popularity.

From Gordon Ramsey, to English football, to other cultural things, I do find it all interesting. Back then, I thought about it also since I’m really only fluent in English. So yes, I thought of the UK and Australia/New Zealand. And yes, I also sent applications to those countries as well. Why couldn’t one of them give me a chance? But I heard that living Down Under can be quite expensive, so I’m not sure I could afford the beauty of their outdoors. I know UK, especially London, can be expensive as well but for whatever reason I was not deterred by that. I imagined being this lone ranger from Texas living in London, walking down a street, on a cold rainy day. Going to a shop, and trying to buy something while learning their lingo for things. I just love that thought of adventure in the unknown. I still wonder when that big adventure will happen.

There’s still no new car shockingly, and I think about what if I bought a last minute ticket? Since I haven’t bought a new car, there should be enough money to travel. But if new car comes around the corner, not having some money to start paying for it will not be fun. We can’t predict the future, so it sucks that I can’t take a leap of faith when I want to so badly. For now, probably next summer or so will be the start of the big adventure. Unless something miraculous happens, who knows, maybe I’ll get spotted and given an opportunity to be paid to travel. For now, I’ll enjoy my cooking and travel shows including British baking tonight. . .

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