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As Christmas draws near, today I am stricken with some sort of throat sickness. It’s not super painful, but rather uncomfortable and my voice is raspy weak; as opposed to seductive Barry White. With my dad’s situation going on, my nephews recovering (I believe) from their own illnesses, and my mom battling her non-stop coughing, we are clearly being kicked while we’re down. We did get a new fridge yesterday though. It’s weird, because I grew up with the same old fridge since 1991. Slowly the house I grew up in is changing along with my hometown.

Now that I’m back home for at least the holidays, it’s been nice to get away and process all that is going on. Even though I was sort of prepped for being let go, I was still feeling sadness about it. I mean, my first full-time job and I couldn’t even make it to 6 months. That hurts, yet reading stories of others who either left or were let go around the same time (or even earlier) was reassuring as I read what they did next. I often will tell you that having others who can relate to you, even if they’re not physically close by, can be immensely helpful for whatever we’re going through. That’s why things like support groups exist or online community forums. No matter how social or introverted we may be, we all need that connection and understanding of others.

I also got further comfort through friends and family. They, once again, exclaimed their disbelief at how unreasonable they were in regards to the time given to learn everything. It still sucks, as the search begins again but at least I know myself better. I reflect back to when I was in grad school, and how many of my cohort members were in their late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s. These were good people who were starting a new career. Taking a chance, unsure of what will happen, but hoping for the best. It tells me that no matter what age, it’s not too late to do something else. Of course, circumstances may vary and affect things but generally the message remains constant.

I also think of my friends, and how they’re my age but not in “careers” in a sense. Some are still searching for jobs, others trying to find internships in another location, and a few work jobs that are only that; just jobs and not a career. I’m sure many of you out there have been or currently are in that boat. But again, having that support can be great. I saw my old high school friends Sunday to watch a game. We lost, which sucked, but just being there and laughing took me back. It was a nice escape from everything going on, and that was before I awoke today to this inconvenient sickness. You all know that 2019 has had it’s up and (mostly) downs for me. Yet this holiday break came with one message: no matter what, be glad you have your health, family and friends.

Everything, including those 3, can come and go so cherish every moment. It’ll be hard, since Christmas I tend to get a little grinchy for a variety of reasons. Yes, I did say in other posts I miss the season, the music, and other things about it. But every year, as we approach the actual day itself, I don’t know; it just happens. And then there’s those awkward few days until new year’s eve. Though I never do resolutions for the new year, I do have one goal: make 2020 better than 2019. Sounds easy, but with Life you never know. However, if I can survive this chapter, just like you are surviving your current one, then we certainly are capable of writing a more optimistic next chapter. We just have to go out and do it. . .

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