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I survived taking care of my nephew, and wow was he hyper those two days. But during that time staying at my sister’s house, I continued to reflect on my next journey. And I had this dawning moment in my mind, where I knew it was time to utilize myself as best as I can. That being, outreach and creativity. Not that I wasn’t able to before, however this recent job I did feel it a bit. I may have mentioned advertising and marketing before here, but I really have this inclination to look into seriously. One position that really caught my eye was copywriter.

Basically, they are the ones who create the promotional material. Remember back in the 90’s the “Got milk?” slogan? A copywriter did that. The idea of working as a team, creatively coming up with interesting materials that could influence positively is what I ideally want. Obviously my experience is lacking in that realm, but don’t think you are automatically not a candidate. Those transferable skills can come in handy. For instance, this very blog could be useful in showing my writing skills, and ability to craft creative pieces. The question, though, is what if one day my blog becomes commercial-y?

You know those Youtubers or bloggers who will say “This post/video is sponsered by. . .” or reviews of products/companies. It can help with marketing experience and such, but I fear of my blog or myself losing identity by going that route. I totally get selling yourself, but rather than say something like “You can buy my book or shirt through (this link)” I would go about it a different way that isn’t so. . . shove it in your face? I’ve done it a few times on here when I reference old posts. Like if I said “in a prior post I talked about careers”, in a way that’s selling my other works. Funny thing, I was actually going through old posts and came across one from my time in grad school. It had a term called “Retrouvaille”, and I remembered how much I loved that word and how it still applies to this day. See what I just did? I would like to incorporate my voice on here, but I think a higher subscription membership is needed for that. However, other things like the podcast, freelance, and writing for journals could be great supplements.

I will also look into free courses that teach marketing skills like SEO, and it should help boost that resume. As for where, well, I just got to sort that out too. This will be the first full week where everyone will return to work. The first week I won’t be. My time will consist mostly of applying, hobbies, and rediscovery of my self. I also had two other entrepreneurial ideas pop into my head these past few days. One is a retro video game style coffee shop, and the other is a retro 80’s theme club playing nothing but 80’s synth music and you must dress in that decade attire. Yes, a lot of retros but hey. . . it’s the 20’s ain’t it? It’s always important to see where we came from, while keeping our eyes towards the future. . .

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