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A few days ago, I was minding my own business when I heard this song. It was an indie style of music, which I love listening to. The song was used for a car commercial, and the ad went so fast that I couldn’t remember the make of the car nor any part of the lyrics. Yes, that is typically how I find songs – whether in the car or sitting somewhere with music on. Once it pings into my ears, and I like what I hear, I will try to quickly remember the lyrics that I can hear and then Google it to see if I can find it. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t; though once in a blue moon I accidentally find another good song from it. One time, this was during one of Eli Manning’s Superbowl runs, there was a song that played around this period. It was so magical, and made you want to jump and be active. Unfortunately, I was never able to find it despite still kind of remembering the tune to the chorus.

“Why not use Shazam?”

That’s probably what you’re asking me right now. I have tried, and it can be helpful at times. In the past I believe I was rocking a flip phone, so downloading apps was not going to work. If I had a smartphone, it was one of those that had little space for apps. I wish Shazam was on the lock screen, as well, so you don’t have to rush to unlock your phone to press the button. I might use it more often if it had that feature. Usually I’m driving when I hear a song, and my car doesn’t have the feature that tells you the name of the song. Not that it’s a guarantee it will tell you the name, but nowadays radio stations don’t even name every song played! To this day, I don’t carry many apps on my phone. This laptop, however, might have more apps as my career journey ventures forth. Like the song, the job search still goes on.

While that goes on, as I’ve said before, I am also reinvesting into interests. Problem is, there are so many that I know I won’t have time for all of them. That or I will have to schedule it all out, while maintaining other important parts of my life like family and friends. But over this past weekend, I officially finalized the last chapter by turning in my keys to the apartment and moving the last bit of stuff back home. Will I miss the independence and fun of being in a new city? Sure, but maybe the next chapter will follow suit. But after coming back to town with my friend, we went somewhere that I have not been in to months. The lake by my house.

The weather was cool, the sun starting to set, and a good number of people there just fishing. I can’t describe how peaceful and relaxing it was to be there. Walking the paths, lounging at the pier, and just taking it all in. I looked at all the people there, all the ducks waddling by, and I knew everything will be okay. I mentioned having that support, but also we should all have those little places where we can go and relax. Whether it’s in your backyard, a mountaintop, or the beach, have somewhere that lets you be Wild. And by that, I mean be yourself and be open.

Like a Jenga tower, I thought my stack would stand up for some time until life knocked it down. But what do we do? We start over, and can construct a new tower however we desire. I have many blocks to use, both professionally and personally, but the excitement of what can come of it remains. And I’ve stressed travel as being a goal, both lifelong and for 2020, across the world. Yet that also includes locally. The indie song that I recently heard reminded me of that wanderlust inside of me. To not just explore the world abroad, but also the land here that I walk on. Whether you’re waking up and getting your day started, or seeing the sun setting and preparing for what’s next, that song is perfect for your next adventure. I plan to go on road trips with friends as much as I can soon: from beaches to forests, boardwalks to small towns. And I haven’t forgotten about you out there; the people I have yet to meet. That group of friends, near and far, who relate and connect to making the most of life. Globally, and locally, I will find that family. When you feel, see, or hear something that calls to you, don’t give up chasing after it. It could be something like that dream job, or climbing that mountain, or even finding that song you briefly heard. It may take time, and a few detours along the way, but eventually you might find what you’ve been searching for. . .

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