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Sometimes it is necessary to clear everything, and build the foundation anew, so that change can occur. It’s like the Jenga tower I’ve mentioned before. We are constantly evolving forwards, backwards, side-to-side due to many factors; all while we navigate through our lives. Y’all already have seen glimpses as to what I aspire to do. Not fully, but glimpses of it. Of course, it will take some time but you will be along for the ride. However, this blog will be a part of many facets of change that will soon happen.

When I first joined here, I wanted an outlet to write about life in grad school and toss in a few poems here and there. Ironically, the poems were the more popular attraction, but I did notice the meaning behind it. Same thing happened in one of my grad school classes. We were given an assignment to write a 10 page story about someone needing help. At the time, I may have drawn influence from TV shows I was watching that semester; such as The Flash. I gave a few friends a chance to read it before my professor, but they all said the same thing: It was amazing. The professor even asked if he could use it for future classes as an example.

If you’re curious to reading it, well, so am I. Unfortunately, I believe the document is locked away on my old laptop. That thing hasn’t been charged in years, because the screen went black and never came back on. This led me to get this new, fancy laptop with touch screen (that’s what suckered me in to getting it) that I really enjoy thus far. I could probably take it in to get it repaired but, besides that document, I don’t believe there’s much else worth recovering. Past Steven was smart enough to download the app prototype before giving up using the old laptop. Don’t you love when your past self looks after future/current you? When I was sick recently, I can’t tell you how many times I was glad I left tissues in my room; knowing I’d be frustrated getting up to go down the hall to get them every time my nose was congested.

Circling back around, the point was I understand people enjoy the creative writing I churn out. Another thing I discovered was the “food for thought” discussions, including the topics of relationships and dating, had some views. I know I can neglect my other categories sometimes, looking at you “travels & adventures”, and I’ve said before I want to change that. It’s 2020, and a new decade is beginning, so I strongly feel that time is now. With other ideas coming together, it’s an opportune time to explore. I started this post saying this blog is a part of that exploration, and once again it is about to get a whole new look. It’ll look much different from what it is now, but I’m still learning all these WordPress feature so it’ll take some time. I’m hoping by the end of the week to roll it out.

It will look different, but with the same old blog. However, it will also have more information on my other endeavors. As for the posts, well, the “life updates” might appear less often to make way for the other categories that have been sitting around. I really want the travels to go up in posts but, with no job at the moment, even something like a road trip can be difficult. Unless my friends don’t mind doing more, such as driving, however it depends on what’s going on in their lives. Again, though, more emphasis will be placed on those categories more. Will it be “10 Reasons…” or “How to get…” type posts? I don’t know, but that will be a part of the exploration.

As for the books I want to write, the ideas are on Wattpad, but I think I’ll transfer them over to something else. Based on what I’ve read about it, perhaps it’s better to write them and then go to a publisher myself. I say that like I’m going to finish writing them by this month. I recently watched a movie called Genius, and it motivated me to continue with the book writings. When they got to the writer’s block scene, I related to that strongly; especially on here. I still have so many drafts saved on here, mostly poems, that I need to finish. Not only can time be a factor, but the mood I am in when I started them. For the kinds of posts I mentioned in the last paragraph, it won’t be an issue, as it’ll be like a “Let’s have a conversation.” type of thing. Meanwhile, for my books and prior drafts, that might be a bit trickier.

Another frustration is that, as I create the new look for this site, I wanted to attach music to it. So that when you come to the home page, you’d be greeted by a nice tune. I have copyright-free music, but the licensing is a potential hassle that I’ll just stick with the Youtube links. If you’re unfamiliar with the one at the top of this post, it’s a song of healing and care. That’s kind of the purpose of this site – having someone whom you relate to and finding solace in what you read. It’s what I studied as well, helping others in times of need, and inspiring positive change or persistence. Like I said, the life updates won’t vanish, but the other categories will pop up more (hopefully travels soon, fingers crossed). It’s all a part of the goals for this year and decade, in which the groundwork will be created fresh. I’m hoping you all will like and benefit from it, and that your goals are rolling along as well. . .

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