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I couldn’t wait any longer to debut the new look site. You won’t believe how many trials and errors I had getting certain parts to look just right. Whenever I would preview a page, sometimes the words or photos would turn jumbo size! So I would have to start all over again. But alas, here is the new (hopefully improved) Tripseekers site. I will acknowledge it isn’t fully complete.

See, the podcast page was the last thing that needed to be finalized. What was holding it back was actually the name. You see the “???” on there, and that’s because my friend and I cannot come up with a name at the moment. I thought I had the name picked out, until he swerved me late saying the name and logo need slight modifications. So while we try to come up with a catchy name, I thought why not just share to y’all what I’ve been cooking up.

If anything, this can at least get the ball rolling and start creating an audience; not just for the podcast, but everything else. I will probably never “self-promote” my blog through social media, but the podcast will be different. It’s hard to explain, but I like how the blog has grown organically. Not forcing others to go check it out, rather just you passer-by’s stumbling into here. Nor do I tell y’all to “like & share!” any posts. Sure, sharing might help reach a broader audience, but I leave that up to you folks. Anyway, I hope this new look is a hit with everyone and the new posts that follow will be as well. Cheers!

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