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People often will say right place, right time

Or maybe it was the wrong place, wrong time

Few ever utter right place, wrong time though

But that was what had happened when we met

I can never forget those first few moments

The smile, the eyes with flair, and the long hair

Like most great things, they start off slow

But there was always that comfortability

To be one’s self and not pretend to be another

Everyone else around us could see it

From sharing food to enjoying music together

Laughing, subtle touches and resting our heads

Coming out of our different shells as we walked

We couldn’t hear the Ring that was close by

And then we had to go our separate ways

Knowing we had to focus on others

Rather than the choice that felt right

The logical, secure, path was taken instead

And with time passing by before we knew it

Only the little things are left to remind us

Of our existence in this huge, yet small world

I kept saying it was the right place, wrong time

Because it was never going to happen for us

No matter how great we were together

And all we had were these fleeting moments

That stoked the thought of what could’ve been

But maybe all along it was the right time

Because in the end, I still got to be with you. . .

Song from the movie Once

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