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You were always so shy about your gifts

Thinking it was silly or not so important

From the moment we started talking till now

And it wasn’t just me but everyone you met

You were so modest about what you could do

Always letting your actions speak for you

That’s one of the reasons I fell for you

It was never all talk but taking chances

There was this zest for life that is hard to find

I’ll be honest at first I was hesitant to date you

At times you felt so far away from me

I wasn’t sure this was going to work out

But I’m glad I took the leap of faith

You always said you fell for my voice

That you could just close your eyes

And listen to me sing and speak all night

The first and last thing you wanted to hear

However you had a voice of your own sir

And then I stumbled upon your works

Your writings were incredible to read

Romance in life bled onto the pages as well

You were so shy to share such things

As if it would diminish your image

In fact many people urged you to share

Both your writings and your vocals

And then you took the same leap I did

Your risks would pay off as you reach it

All the goals and dreams that became true

And together we saw the world all over

Yet the good moments had it’s tough ones

Times where you’d get distant from me

Where I could feel something was amiss

I can’t describe how frustrating it was

Getting you to open up proved to be a chore

Everyone who’s known you can attest to that

Yet I learned to let you share when ready

While knowing when to light your fire waning

The way you craft stories is incredible to see

You’d imagine different scenarios happening

Where you were in danger or had to sacrifice

To prepare for what it would take to succeed

If only I had known sooner why you did this

How many times when we laughed and smiled

How many times were you thinking of this?

When I leaned my head on you for comfort

I didn’t know your eyes casted away in thought

Wondering if you truly deserved all of this

Trying your hardest to put away those ideas

Except you couldn’t defeat them in the end

It wasn’t a matter of if but when you would

All along you knew it was going to occur

The strange thing is that I’d still stay with you

I’d remain even after knowing how brief it’d be

Because the moments were so amazing

And I know I impacted your life so much

I am sure you’d want me to move on quickly

As if you were just a detour on my road

But no you’ll always be a part of me sir

The love will never fade away inside

The gifts and the burdens you long carried

Well now they have become mine to bear

Except I’m sharing it with the world for you

So that others can see and be inspired

I will miss our funny duets in the car

Seeing you write and work hard at home

Playing at the park and at the lake

Cooking terribly while music plays

Dancing in the living room at nights

Feeling you pin my hair behind an ear

You whispering sweet nothings to me

I’ll miss that voice and smile so much

You probably said the same about mine

Yet I’ll never know what you went through in life

To make you do what you would go on to do

The guilt you must’ve felt thinking this

I may have not be able to keep the fire alive

But I certainly kept it going longer than planned

Long enough to know you and get you to believe

That you are loved and that you can love

I gave you the hope that you’ve been chasing

That someone out there truly cared for you

If only I had known what you were thinking

I just wish you didn’t leave like this so soon

Leaving me to discover you the harsh way

Of course I would’ve done anything to stop it

To show that there’s more to live for here

That you’re worth more than you think

Not just to me but to everyone around you

However here I am the widow of the writer

Wishing I could’ve said goodbye and that someday

Our child will know how great their father was. . .

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