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For years, Charlie tried fighting this demon by himself

This was not one strangers could handle from afar

It usually started deep within his brilliant mind

Yet when it came to this one thing he became unwise

Losing out on many chances on something he wanted

Something many others had no matter the time of year

On paper he and the demon were one and the same

But in reality it was as if Charlie was facing a stranger

One that got bigger and stronger over some time

Charlie’s friends had an idea that it existed

They try their best to help Charlie combat the demon

Insisting him not to give up and to not let go

However they soon were shut out of that part of life

Not knowing what goes on when he’s not around

They now joined his family as part of the dark

Charlie thought doing so would protect them

Preserving each one from the anticipation

Only to see failure each and every time out

He would go on to fight this battle alone

Some time passed where there was tranquility

Only because he ignored what woke the demon

Yet he knew time would soon run out

The secret could not remain hidden long

They would see the diamond in the rough

And then one day another walked by him

Yet one more temptation he felt confused of

The feeling that he should approach

But he knows the demon will feast if so

Either by quickly throwing them aside

Or wasting their time before bidding adieu

Again Charlie knows the clock hastens

He doesn’t want to bunk with it no more

It was time to finish off the demon here

Except he knows he can’t do it alone

His friends will have to aid in the cause

And one other person must take part

See the demon attacks the thing it fears

Often the demon wins single-handedly

While Charlie watches in despair afar

Because there’s rarely resistance to it

This other person that enters the fray

Will be the one to fight back at the demon

See this person must not be frightened

If they’re shy they must develop courage

They cannot be frustrated at the setbacks

Whether communication or connection

The demon will pull out all the stops

And so call it out and do not run away

As Charlie lives in positivity and delight

The demon grows weaker at such sight

When Charlie laughs and has the fun

His demon riots for it to be done

It will look for any flaws it can find

To show to Charlie to leave them behind

No one is perfect including this person

But if they’re pure in heart and caring

If they’re bold, determined and trusting

As well as eager to explore the unknown

Then as long as they stay persistent at it

They could be the one to help kill the demon

For so long Charlie has tried to do it alone

But life and it’s struggles get easier with help

His friends have tried and will try once more

Because if this person is indeed the one to do it

They will all give it their best to hold Charlie’s hopes

While Charlie must keep his benevolent core open

The demon will try to escape at this moment

But this person will absolutely not let it go

It will attempt one last time to affect Charlie

However his friends will be there by his side

And then that person will ultimately break his curse

That person is the One he finally falls in love with. . .

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