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Everyday people hope to land the role of a lifetime

That iconic role that they will be remembered for

They never think of how long the show will last

Only the bliss of getting and partaking in it all

However there is one role unlike any other

This one has been unfilled for over 25 years

Some have walked on to attempt to obtain the part

While others were sought out for the audition

But nowadays it’s only the latter that goes on

Finding talent though gets more scarce it seems

Not to mention the qualifications needed

Above all else they must have that voice

What also makes this role unique is who judges

See there is no director for this performance

It’s all ran by the characters on stage already

There is the primary character of course in lead

The coveted role will star opposite of them here

Then you have the secondary characters close by

Playing different roles such as friends and family

And finally the tertiary people coming and going

Whether old coworkers, acquaintances and strangers

They too play unique parts in the story being told

So with no director the main character has to lead

In terms of searching for new characters like this one

This role has always been the hardest to find

All the hopefuls vying for a chance and some do well

But there was always something missing in each

Some never made auditions while others flopped there

While searching can be difficult the auditions were harder

For those are not judged by the leading character

But all of the secondary ones and perhaps a few tertiary

They play such a vital role supporting the lead

It only makes sense that they have a say as to who gets it

Who gets to fill the shoes that will star for years with them

It can be a bit intimidating to audition in front of their gazes

But only the confident ones will not fear it at this moment

For they know they want nothing more than this role

Taking on the challenge of it that’s been empty all these years

If they can impress the “friends” and “family” here

Chances are they will get it and keep it for a long time

And so one day the cast received word from the lead

Another hopeful has come around with a voice to remember

The day has come as each cast member leaves their location

Whether from home, their other work, and whatever else

Preparing to sit at the table and be greeted to the newcomer

The friends have arrived, the sister, old bosses and the mother

Meanwhile across town she nervously gets dressed and ready

Practicing what to say and how to impress them quickly

All the while being true to herself which caught the lead’s eye

The drive to the auditions bring such nervousness

Wondering what will they think behind those smiles

Or about when their decisions will be made about her

All that and more swirl around her mind as the car stops

Escorted through hallways and doors she may see again

The greetings occur and the other common courtesies as well

They were all there along with the lead to gather their reviews

She knew the part was hers as she heard “Let’s get started.” echo

And so the audition begins, best of luck on becoming the Star. . .

Inspired by NBC’s TV series Smash “Let Me Be Your Star”
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