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There’s something about the smell of rain and books

She goes to the library often when the morning starts

Sometimes her stay goes on well into the afternoon

Her most favorite times are when it rains outside

The cool weather mixes perfectly with the cloudy skies

And the sound of falling rain blending with ambiance

That aura being the the library and it’s possessions

People chatting at the front desk, folks on computers

Some browsing the videos and others the music

Several lounge in chairs while few study in groups

And of course who can forget the numerous books

There’s even an outdoor place to relax and enjoy life

But on such a day it’s not as desirable to do so

Yet this is her home and this is her little family here

While it’s nice to see the familiar faces dropping in

It’s the new ones that pop by that intrigue her so

When around people you start to craft stories for them

You get a look at them and think about why they’re here

And on this wet day a new gentleman just walked in

Tall, bearded and wearing nice warm garb for the cool rain

He flashed a great smile at the front desk as he stepped through

Hiding behind her book she watched as he scanned the room

What brought him to the library today she wondered

Was he a local here in town or did he recently move in

She was curious about that and more pertaining to him

He made his way towards the computers and the dance was on

Something about the way he carried himself caught her eye

And she knew she should try to strike up a conversation

She made her way to the computers only to see him continue

Heading towards the fiction novels let’s see what type is he

This man felt her presence close by but only saw her once

Oh the suspense books matching this right here and now

She stood at the corner of the aisle of books waiting

As she attempted to get close to him he drifted again

This time to fantasy which she hoped was not the case

Again she tried to get close only for him to slip away

The rain falling harder and the thunder murmurs

She felt like in a way they were mocking her attempts

As if they were saying hurry before it’s too late

He glanced the movies maybe wanting something new

Yet he stayed in the books moving towards drama

Skimming the options he found The Great Gatbsy

He appears to be a man of culture she thinks

The man caught her again and flashed a subtle grin

She smiled too as she thought of that book she loved

Remembering when she first read it in high school

Suddenly a child tugged on her sleeve behind her

The little girl wanted to know where adventure was

The woman grinned and pointed her towards the windows

Where the kids have a large view of the wet nature today

As the child skipped away the woman turned back

And suddenly he was gone from this aisle of books

The thunder roars again as she stared in shock

Quickly pacing between aisles without being obvious

She remained clutching her book looking for this man

Just where did this mysterious dance partner go

He wasn’t at the computers nor at the help desk

Not in the nonfiction section nor the periodicals

He wasn’t at the music area or exploring the movies

Befuddled she sat in a lounge chair by the large panes

Looking out at the scenery being drenched in rain

The thunder bellowing further away than before

There’s something she loved about the smell of rain

There’s something she enjoyed about the feel of books

But perhaps there wasn’t something about the man

Maybe the dance was not for two just party of one

Well to her this would be a good imaginative tale

Except the story doesn’t appear to be over just yet

For as she pondered what could’ve been she saw it

Sitting in the chair across from her was a book

She rose up and went over to take a gander at the title

Sure enough it was indeed The Great Gatsby there

Her eyes widened and she broke a smile looking up

Still not seeing the stranger she heard a throat clear

And there in her seat was the man sitting and beaming

Pleasantries exchanged as she sat in the chair eagerly

The figurative tango across the library to find him ended

Now the real romantic dance over time has officially begun. . .

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