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It was just one normal day when she first met him

He approached her and asked a random question

Although it was random, it was also creatively said

Most guys would just say ‘Hey’ or something poor

But this man had a different feel to him she thought

Something trusting and sweet mixed with bold dreams

Not only did he talk the talk, but he certainly walked it

He followed through on what he set his mind to do

He jumped out of airplanes to fall from the sky

Bungee jumping and wingsuit gliding down to earth

Starting his own businesses and going to all events

He even bought a motorcycle which he always wanted

Despite journeying alone, he’d make friends anywhere

There was only one flaw that was neither of their faults

If she could change one thing, it would be the distance

See he lived so far away from her which made it hard

You’d swear it felt like they were worlds apart here

And being so far meant mostly talking on the phone

It was fine at first and the fun never faded once

Family and friends could see the light in her eyes

They knew something was going on in her life

There was someone new present that brought joy

Though they had a hunch, she didn’t say much

Preferring to keep this in their own little world

Living their lives while doing the best they can

He’d asked her plans for the day, she’d say be safe

Especially on that motorcycle he would drive on

Over time she finally told those close to her

While some supported, most were against it

He was so far away, they didn’t trust him much

She’d talk about his excursions and they’d dread

He’s too dangerous this ranger from the West

They would always put him down and sway her

Find someone closer they’d suggest or move on

They sensed he was not good or just a facade

He was not bad, only sad at the current situation

Eventually that sadness crept into her life too

Her family and friends encouraged her to be happy

After a certain amount of time passed she gave up

The timing was right, but the placement was not

She fell for the trailblazer, but had to pave her own way

And so one day she told him that they were through

She was hoping to stay in touch as they moved on

He agreed but gave her the space she needed

Her family and friends were relieved to hear this

She knew he was sad and would go on an adventure

Maybe scuba dive or some sort of nature thrill ride

Anything to help clear his mind of what happened

Two months had passed since they had last spoken

She thought of him and couldn’t stop that pondering

Her loved ones could see the sadness in her eyes

Eventually they encouraged her to try contacting him

Just see how he has been doing all these weeks later

She sent a message to see what’s new in his life

A part of her kind of hoped maybe they’d rekindle

Finding that spark that was present before it ended

But unfortunately she didn’t get a reply from him

And a disappointed look appeared on her face

She thought perhaps he truly did move on from her

What she didn’t know was that he was never going to respond

For on the day that she ended it, he took a ride on his bike

Out on the rainy, late afternoon road to help clear his mind

When a semi-truck slid into him and sent him flying far

As he laid there with a few minutes left he thought of her

The rain hitting his face through the cracks in his helmet

He tried to reach out his hand, but could barely move a finger

The eyes were fading as he wished her love and happiness

His final thought was of distance and what could’ve been. . .

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