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She couldn’t believe she was actually doing it

Everything that came before has led to this moment

There she was waiting at the terminal for the plane

To take her on a journey that began many months prior

When an unexpected encounter blossomed into more

Until one day she decided she would plan something grand

A trip to meet someone whom she has never met before

She never expected to be taking such risks like this

Yet it became more difficult to ignore as time passed on

This stranger was so intriguing to talk to from day one

At first it was just like any other conversations she had

But soon the laughter, care and passion kept thriving

The little sweet nothings and caring thoughts he’d say

It was hard not to develop a crush for that and all

But no this was so silly she thought constantly

He might not even be real she would proclaim

Eventually that same sentiment came from her friends

But for every wall she’d raise he would knock down

Phone calls, photos, videos and more he’d send to her

He went above and beyond to prove he is the real deal

To show that it truly doesn’t matter where one is now

It’s where one can be in the future that’s at the nucleus

Rather than settle for only what’s around someone

There is a whole world with infinite possibilities

That is what he’d tell anybody he crosses paths with

It’s what he told her along with other insightful things

He never really fit his age as if he’s lived much longer

Frankly he never fit himself as she still couldn’t believe

There was still something about him that felt amiss

Like not all of him was being shown through the screen

Which made sense given the situation but still a mystery

And that enigma is what intrigued and annoyed her

Some months passed and her loved ones could see it

Something or someone was causing her to have a glow

Eventually some cracked the case and were happy

A few in the family were cautious saying be careful

No one ever said very negative things directly to her

Perhaps a few were hoping she’d find someone closer

So she knew it was time to squash all doubts around

The mystery, other’s thoughts, his presence and more

It was finally time to meet this stranger at last

She’d worry so much about not knowing each other

And he’d always respond that they have time to do so

Well now is the time to put that to the test and see

All of this would occur during the Christmas holidays

He always said this time of year was lonely for him

What better moment to meet than this she felt

She’d take a friend along for the ride with her

Not just for safety but it was a promise they made

Both always wanted to visit this place and vowed

That whenever the timing was right they would

They were always there for each other in anything

Just like she was hoping he would be there for her

Plus if somehow worst came to worst she had a friend

A familiar face to keep her company in foreign land

Tickets bought, bags packed, and away they went

Her heart beated fast multiple times during the flight

Once for takeoff and another crossing countries

The last major one was when the plane descended

This was actually happening with no going back

Not many people dare take such chances in life

Or the ones who do rarely are noticed by others

But they make great stories to hear when found

Due to schedules she wouldn’t meet him early

It will be on Christmas Eve as he had family affairs

This left her with a day and a half to explore

Allowing her and her friend to enjoy the sights

However the thought of him occupied her mind

He was here, she is here, and now they’re both here

She couldn’t believe the distance is much closer

All that is left is time standing in her way

He was less talkative she noticed upon arrival

Was he getting cold feet or planning something?

The date was set for at night to be in downtown

There would be a big Christmas party with folks

Not only to alleviate stress of being alone for her

But also enjoy the night with her friend and others

There’ll be plenty of chances to spend time alone

He’d say that and she again loved that caring side

Thinking of her, her friend, and enjoying Christmas

8:00 PM has come on Christmas Eve here in the city

Despite being cool it was not frigid cold that night

She was dressed elegantly for their first meeting

As the small crowd gathered and chatted she looked

Searching for this man she long waited to see

The party itself was fun with music, food, and drinks

All alongside a big river flowing through the city’s heart

And a bridge that led across to a courtyard nearby

But she was very preoccupied with finding him

She paced around the event looking for this man

Even tempted to ask people if they knew who he was

It’s slowly approaching 9:00 PM and she got scared

Could she had been duped this entire time by him?

Did something terrible happen to him along the way?

He wasn’t answering his phone as she tried to call

The fireworks were about to go off into the dark sky

She did not want to enjoy any of this festivities

Nor were her friend’s words any help to her

She needed to be alone to think what to do next

There was the bridge she saw all lonely and quiet

Scurrying past the crowds she made her way to it

The music started to fade softly into the distance

Her eyes were beginning to water with sadness

Coming so close only to end in complete failure

She wanted to go to the bridge to let herself cry

Suddenly the fireworks flared off into the night sky

Illuminating the river flowing and the bridge ahead

She turned to gaze up in awe at the colorful site and sound

As she drew closer to her destination she felt something

A sense of courage and hope returned to her body

She would need it as she peered over towards the bridge

For suddenly a man appeared from behind the crest of it

Slowly ascending and dressed dapper for the occasion

There he was standing alone over there on Christmas Eve

The moment she saw his eyes and smile she knew it was him

As she approached the butterflies returned in her stomach

She was happy he finally made it and they can be together

No longer was he alone as they watched the fireworks fly

It isn’t how it began but where it can go next from here

As they walked back to the party holding hands she thought

They may not fully know each other but it’ll come to them

As he always said, and now her too. . . “We’ve got the time.”

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