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Unless you’ve dabbled into the very beginnings of this blog upon arriving here, only my longest subs knew the origins for the creation of this blog. I started it out of inspiration from an old, dear friend in grad school giving me a journal to write in. Even back then, I was interested in writing but it was more dormant. A hidden passion and skill that stemmed all the way from childhood. After getting that thoughtful gift, it sort of hit me that I should try and expand on it. There was potential there that I was starting to discover, and that this friend always saw in me. Though I was always this “Never give up” and “Chase your hopes” type of guy, it didn’t really come out until grad school time.

It could be for several reasons whether it was from no longer being at university where people already had a perception of me, growing older as I started grad school at 24, meeting people I truly connected with there, or from losing weight and gaining more confidence in myself and towards others. It was during this time, I finally started to strive to reach my best potential that I encourage others to do; even if it can be annoying if you’re in a comfortable state. So in 2017, I started this blog as a way to help others going through grad school or through college by recounting my experiences.

With many of those posts, though, there’d be some motivational and insightful wisdom attached which is where I pondered if I wanted to dive more into that as well. So food for thoughts came along, and poems where wisdom bled into emotions that could tap into people’s hearts and connect. But it wasn’t often I would write those, despite the apparent popularity my poems received (still receive). I wanted them to be a part of whatever this blog would be, but not take the main stage. My plan was shifting to the business side of things, as I had the app idea that still lays dormant. And I’ll admit, given everything going on in the world and how travel has been affected with countries still closing their doors, this app would’ve been amazing to see active as people are coming out onto the streets again.

So while the business part was mentioned, the true direction was adventure as I wanted to turn this into a travel blog. Filled with road trip tales and shout-outs, and photos of being on a plane going somewhere. But as you know, life tended to throw curveballs at me with some unfortunate luck; the last one being this past Christmas before the pandemic started. That hasn’t deterred me, though, as I know the moment I find a new job I’ll be able to finally write such travel tales. I’ll be able to get a new car, so I can go on my own road trips, and buy plane tickets even if I must wait until holidays to do it.

With each passing moment, other areas of the blog grew, from the subtle name change to the dropping of WordPress in the URL, it became more than a little thing to do but a legit place to be. Other categories were made, the layout constantly refreshing, and other stuff are now offered either for help or just more information on the many things about me. All of this, all of you, happened organically. No marketing, no purchasing of assistance to get recognized, and not even harassing y’all to spread the word. Could that change one day? Who knows, but if it ever happens I’ll do my best not to lose my identity. It’s been a little more quiet lately on here, and that’s my bad but I’m hoping with other stuff being de-cluttered over here I will have time to focus back on this and write some more. I logged on to WordPress this afternoon, and received notification that on this day 3 years ago I started this journey with you all. It’s been a crazy ride, and to those who’ve been around since the start: thank you. For those who’ve joined later on: welcome! I couldn’t have imagined I’d be here when I first started writing this blog, and I’m curious to see where we’ll be in another three years. The fun’s just getting started, and once the world re-opens, let’s see where our journey goes next. . .

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