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When things ended at my last job, the day before my birthday, I thought life couldn’t get any more unfortunate. I applied for jobs following the new year, and even took on an internship just to continue gaining experience and being productive. And then the virus came. Suddenly, all of our lives were thrown upside down. My last interview was part 1 of a three part process, which began in early March.

Two weeks ago, I finally got the call back that I made it to the second round. After what felt like a pretty amazing Zoom meeting, in which I was nervous based on how my last Zoom interview went, I got a quick call back that I made it to the third round. That was held today with the President and Vice President of the company meeting with me. I’ve met with directors and supervisors before, but never people of this high rank. So I’ll admit, I was more nervous than before because I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I got the call early this afternoon that it was pushed back to 4:30pm, and I was thinking okay no biggie. 4:30pm arrived, and only I was present in the Zoom meeting. About 5 minutes of waiting and I was getting more nervous thinking: what if I had the wrong meeting number? What if it had changed? Suddenly my screen changed, and for once my laptop camera worked properly staying horizontal instead of forcing me to turn my laptop to it’s side to look normal.

The conversation was relatively calm and cool. They only asked about 3 questions, before it was my turn, and from there we just kept talking. It was near the end when the President finally said that I was the sole finalist for this third round, which meant one thing: I was the leading candidate and I got the position. I tried my best to contain the smile, but I’m sure it was present. He said expect to hear soon again in the coming days or weeks. I never would’ve imagined I’d be working given this current economic situation.

Of course, people are slowly going back into the workforce but it is slow nonetheless. And I assumed it might not be until late August, or so, until I really had a good chance to start a new job. Yet here I am, grateful for this new opportunity. Again, it’ll entail learning new skills and new challenges but I’m more than up for it. But if you recall a prior post, I did tell you all what would happen should I get a new job and that is what I’m most excited for.

The opportunity to adventure will return again. First, focusing on getting my own car which will be under my name and allowing me to go wherever I desire. Then, assuming the virus dissipates by winter, I plan to finally cross the borders and go abroad on a trip. I’m trying to not get too far ahead of myself, but it’s hard not to think of the possibilities when a good opportunity comes your way. Again, especially in these tough economic times many of us are going through. The stress of not knowing what comes next job-wise appears to be ending soon, while the not knowing what life will bring continues. But this is a great surprise that is most certainly welcome. I’m eager to see who I’ll meet here, but more importantly what I’ll do in the future with this newfound chance to explore once again. Of course, it all depends on what happens with this virus. . .

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