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Human Resources is such a unique creature. Many of you know the oddities that come with the experience of dealing with the folks in that department. Whether it’s the way they talk to you as if they’re treading carefully on everything being said, even if it’s just going over benefits packages, or how they try to empathize with someone that’s being let go. In my case, it’s the hiring process. Many of you know how excruciating the wait can be just to hear back from them, and can be more insulting simply getting the generic “Thank you for your interest, but. . .” emails. Today was a down day for me, because the job that was nearly set in stone for me vanished before my eyes.

In a way I sort of prepared for it, given how long they were taking, but the reasoning stings a little. After acing 3 rounds of interviews, and basically given the verbal offer, it took nearly a month to hear anything. Only after reaching out was I responded with 2 questions about my information. One was easily resolved, while the other was an honest mistake on my online application. However, I believe that little error was what did me in. To be so close, only to be done in by your own hands is never pleasant. If only they had believed me that it was honest. But policies are policies, even though I wish to get bad news immediately rather than dancing around it. I never like having my time wasted.

It’s funny because so many forums and sites complaining about HR always ask just what exactly do they do all day that takes them forever to get back to people. Even my friends, today, couldn’t help but be mad at this odd entity for taking so long, not keeping me updated, and some say be unprofessional about it. I wish that can be a reform added to the list of the many reforms going on in this world. Whenever I see people studying to try and get into that field, I always compare it to political science majors. People eager to get into that field, wanting to make a difference, only to succumb to the system and be their own version of what they sought to change. But I’ll leave the ranting to the forums.

While it does suck to once again resume searching for work, in this economic state the world is in, I’m trying my best to stay positive in this. As usual, what helps is knowing I’m not alone in this as many of you have been impacted and in similar boats as I am. And once again, my dreams of such things like road trips and travel are on hold. So close, yet so far. When I saw the rejection email today – 3 actually which is like pouring salt into the wound – I kind of chuckled while everyone around me was upset. It made me think back to my struggles getting a passport. Y’all remember those days? And I once more asked myself, and whatever deity you want to believe in, what did I do to deserve such luck? Some people work hard and are rewarded with good fortune, while others get fortune who clearly don’t deserve it. Others live in the middle and are content with it, while some are at the bottom because they don’t care or have had extremely bad luck.

While I know others out there are in way worse situations than I, I still found myself asking if this was going to be the norm the rest of the way. Coming so close, only to fall short. From jobs to adventures, friendships to romance, will this bad luck continue to follow me and keep me from complete happiness. Maybe I should go back to my old Chasing Hope blog name. I am, and will continue to, think positive and move on but on a day like today it’s hard not to entertain that little thought after constant setbacks. Nevertheless, the search goes on again and it’ll be interesting to see what turns up at the moment. Like a friend of mine here, any thought of looking out of state or abroad are pretty bleak since businesses are still nervous about the virus.

One side note from all this virus, staying at home, and travel being prohibited is that my dusty app idea would seem like an amazing thing to have right now for those wanting travel but can’t. It’s too bad I can’t create apps, nor can afford someone to do it. If only I can find someone to go in with, who knows what it could lead to. I just know once the world feels ready to open up again, it’s sort of a “restart” period where people have to find their place in it. And I intend to find a good place; literally and figuratively. After learning the bad news this afternoon, strangely, this Sonny and Cher song popped into my mind and has stayed there all day with me. Times will be tough, and sometimes things don’t go your way for silly reasons, but don’t give up. Just keep following the beat of your drum, because that beat must go on. . .

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