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I’ve lost track of how long I have been here

Everyday has just been so mundane and routine

The one thing I look forward to is going on a walk

Each day at noon I’d take a stroll after my lunch

Just to get some fresh air and clear my mind

It was Fall so the gentle cool breeze felt amazing

But I couldn’t walk too far and it was only brief

I had to get back to my task and the team helping

I couldn’t wait for this to be over and try to go on

Hopefully this time it successfully completes

If not then there just won’t be any more attempts

We’ve committed to this for so long we’re trying

But honestly I’ve gotten so tired from the efforts

At times I’m just ready to give up and move on

One day things were starting to take a turn South

And I decided I wanted to go walk on this cloudy day

Along the walking path is a little bridge nearby

Underneath the bridge a small river flowed through

I loved leaning over the bridge just to gaze at it

On this day I did the same and noticed someone there

Sitting by a tree was a woman watching the river flow

She was stunning as can be and I wondered why she’s here

We made eye contact and my nervous self walked away

The next day she was still there when I had returned

This time I gave a wave and a smile that was reciprocated

The following day she was at the bridge waiting for me

From there we began talking and it was refreshing

All that talk with the team about what needed to be done

It gets so tiring and only adds to the exhaustion I felt

But that went away as I got to know this girl by the river

It turns out she had a family member that goes here too

As we got to know each other day by day I felt motivated

I wanted to be successful when before I lost interest in trying

We developed a bond that I want to see how it turns out

She wanted the same thing too despite what may happen

She always saw the positives in everything including me

Even though I’m breaking apart she didn’t give up on this

Saying great things don’t happen without taking chances

And so I tried for her and for us to finish this task here

Holding my hand every step of the way through this ordeal

Every chance we had we’d go to the river to be in our world

How I wish we could’ve met under different circumstances

Finally the day came to see the results of my task I was given

The doctor walked in trying to keep a positive face on for us

But I knew what I was about to hear would not be pleasant

The chemo treatment didn’t work and I have little time left

She cried knowing this would come to an end someday soon

I was sad to have this happen to her after all she’s done for me

She gave me hope and care when I felt my world crumbling

My fire reignited seeing her spirit and belief in this story

And how can I forget those eyes and smile I first saw at the river

Now we have to make the most of whatever time that remains

And we knew we couldn’t cry the rest of the way but enjoy it

I am grateful for her taking a chance on me and never giving up

Even if at times I was ready to quit on myself and let go

To find someone who’s willing to share the pain is hard to find

I couldn’t thank her enough for being in my life and let her know

That we shouldn’t be sad it’ll end but happy that it happened

And that someday she’ll carry on with her life and find love again

She didn’t want to talk of such things rather focus on the now

But I knew she had a whole lot left to experience in the future

Even though we met at the wrong place it was the right time

My life may have not been saved but you made it worth saving

I know you won’t forget about me as you move on one day

And we’ll carry a piece of each other in our hearts forever

So let’s enjoy this moment now because soon you’ll cry again

But stay strong for me, darling, for life will get better for you

I’ll soon be your angel while you’ll always be my girl by the river. . .

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