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I’m scared whenever it comes I will admit that

I swear it’s as if it’s been following me for years

This city used to be so wonderful when I was a kid

Now it lays in near ruins because of the Beast

It only arrives once in a while to further destroy

Looking for something or someone to attack

Everytime I go out looking for survivors it comes

And then we’re forced on the run from it’s wrath

The Beast with bright eyes is as tall as skyscrapers

They illuminate it’s path as it brings darkness here

I only go out to get what I need before coming back

Yet I know there are survivors out there calling me

So one day I decided to go out once more into the fray

A long time passed since the Beast last came through here

It’s painful to see all the buildings crumbled and streets bare

The joy and life of this place I knew is nowhere to be found

As I crossed over the body of water in the middle of town

I heard a faint voice calling out for assistance somewhere

As I rounded the bend into an alleyway I found her stuck

Some rubble fell and blocked off the way out for her

Finding a metal pole I was able to wedge some debris up

Luckily we escaped before some more rubble started to fall

Turns out she was looking for food and supplies as well

Tremors started shaking the ground so we moved quickly

In this city it’s always best to travel in packs for safety

Just cause the place is in ruins doesn’t mean others stop

There’s still bad folks around trying to catch you off guard

Trying to take your supplies or make your life miserable

Luckily we didn’t come across any of that as we moved on

This venture allowed us time to get to know each other

It can be hard to find a companion out of a complete stranger

Especially in a crumbling city like this with a lurking Beast

But we realized we can be helpful to each other

Looking out for one another and providing company

So for the next few weeks we scavenged the city

Seeing what hidden gems we could find still existing

Occasionally tremors shook the land and I feared

That the Beast would be arriving shortly there after

But for now it must’ve been elsewhere causing mayhem

We have had each other’s backs throughout this time

Guiding one another and sharing all that we know

This experience has honestly been pure enjoyment for me

One that I haven’t had the pleasure of in so long here

The Beast and this place can be hard to find others

People who can be like-minded and simply click well with

We make a pretty great team I’m sure we both knew

But one late afternoon everything would change suddenly

As we were making our way back from searching for supplies

A feeling of uneasiness started to overcome me deep inside

I looked at a puddle in the broken concrete and saw vibrations

Immediately after the streets started to crack all around us

I gazed over the cascading buildings to view the horizon

And there the Beast stood tall and blocking out the sun

It was coming and I knew that it was coming right for me

Too long have I escaped it’s grasp and once more it will try

We made a run for it as the Beast crushed many buildings

I could hear others screaming as they make a run as well

People disappearing in the cloud of debris the Beast creates

Businesses and homes falling to dust in one fell swoop

I realized that I cannot allow this destruction to occur anymore

We reached a plateau of a partially destroyed building at last

This spot had a clear view of the monster and it spotted us

She urged me that we had to keep moving and not give up

But I knew I couldn’t run anymore and had to finish this

She grabbed my hand attempting to pull me with her

At that moment there was a deep tremor by the Beast’s foot

This caused her to slip on to the slanted building fragment

I grasped her hand tightly to prevent her from sliding away

But the Beast was drawing nearer with those bright red eyes

I’ve been able to live this long but it’s always been in fear

Constantly being on the run from this tethered entity

I cannot allow her or other people to be harmed by it

She must go out and find any other good survivors out there

I could no longer have her along with me as I face the Beast

As I looked back down at her there was a look of sorrow

She insisted that I didn’t have to do this but I strongly felt so

To protect her from the Beast coming right at us I had to

I thanked her and wished her luck on finding other survivors

And then she shouted out my name as I let go of her hand

Just like that she slid down into the cloud of debris and was gone

Sorrow soon turned to anger as I felt the rumble grow more

The tear fell off my face as I turned to face the Beast once again

Everytime I find someone that offers company it always comes

We provide each other a light to smile upon in this dark world

But this great moment is only temporary because of that monster

As I stood atop this cracked building it draws closer towards me

The ground quakes as I see the veins of the streets breaking apart

The Beast bellowed out towards me as I shouted back at it in anguish

They always try to stay by my side but what they don’t realize

Is that this happens to everyone hoping to stay with me

I will miss her dearly but I had to do this to protect her from it

At least that is what I tell myself every time that this occurs

And so the Beast has arrived before me standing colossal as ever

It bellowed out again and raised it’s arm ready to bring me down

I closed my eyes tight ready for the end to finally come to me

Then it got quiet and when I opened my eyes again all was normal

The streets were smooth and the birds were chirping in the trees

Houses and buildings were all intact and filled with life inside

People roaming the streets and carrying on hearty conversations

It was as if no one knew the destruction that occurred for so long

I sat there at the cafe sighing and frustrated as I drank my beverage

See what she didn’t realize just like everyone else was this one thing

The Beast can never hurt the world outside but only from within

Although it’s scary it actually thinks it protects me from something scarier

Something that I keep trying to find that many others find more easily

But perhaps worst of all to discover and most painful to accept

Is that I always let them go because I was the Beast this whole time. . .

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