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I remember meeting him quite a while ago

I didn’t expect how things would go upon meeting

We just talked about life and travels at first

But soon there was attraction involved in our chats

A part of me tried to pull away calling it crazy

While another part of me wanted to explore it

I would later consider it to be a weird experience

If only I could take back those words I said to him

The whole ride together was actually normal for you

Because you had seen such similar stories nearby

From families to friends to even clients you saw

You truly believed in trying something at least once

Though curious I was there were still walls put up

And you did your best to tear those back down

But for every attempt to be caring and romantic

A new barrier would slowly be constructed there

If only I had built stronger bonds with you instead

The truth was that I was afraid of taking the leap

Despite your compassion to take things slowly

Everything still felt like it was in a rush in my mind

I wanted to dream of a future with you but wouldn’t

The excitement was suppressed which brought pain

With you it was as if we were worlds apart talking

And I didn’t want that rather I wanted you right here

If only I had taken that chance and waited it out

But my heart couldn’t bear the internal suffering

So one day I dropped the unexpected news on you

I wished you the best as I said my goodbye and left

Knowing it’d take me another while to move forward

And knowing I had to burn bridges with you to do so

I simply couldn’t handle it like you could so well

How could one be that patient for something like this

If only I had that optimism and belief as you did

Weeks turned to months since we went our own ways

I’ve even tried moving on to someone new here

But time and time again they just weren’t the same

That feeling and connection just wasn’t as strong

I tried to force myself to like them but simply couldn’t

And I wasn’t going to be like some friends and just settle

You showed me that life’s too short to be content with ‘ok’

If only I believed in making the most of this one life

Eventually I reached a point where I felt healed and good

But while I was doing well in my ventures on my own

A side of me longed for a partner to be by my side

To go on many travels and dating adventures together

Meeting each other’s friends and families eventually

Those were some of the things that you talked about

They were what I chose to ignore to hear at the time

But after over a year I thought to listen to your voice again

If only I had reached out to you much sooner than I did

After so long I decided to find you and see how you are

Maybe get some closure of our past and talk of the future

It took awhile but I was actually able to locate you again

Wondering where you are led me to you in a church

I found out and heard that you were getting married

A part of me was quite disappointed while the other glad

I was happy you were finally able to find someone

Who took a leap of faith with you and didn’t build walls

She was beautiful and seemed to light up a whole room

Something that you craved for along with wanderlust

You’re well on your way to achieving the dreams you had

Finding someone, having a child and building a family

Having a busy house, a fun career and loving memories

While you experience all these things I hope you think of me

Not in the way others might think but of what we had

I would never ask you to leave her or your future family

What I hope is you don’t forget the memories that led you here

Our experiences as one through all of the ups and downs

The things we did together and the ones I couldn’t do with you

Because all of those things have brought you to this happiness

One that you so deserved for a very long time to be honest

Something that I have yet to find and keep wondering about

I’m sure we’re both grateful for what we had which I miss

The things I once was afraid of I’d love a second chance at

But now that they are gone I at least got a closure to this

Someday I may find it myself or maybe I won’t in the end

All I know is you were so right for me and I let you go

If only I had stayed and didn’t let the chance of us slip away. . .

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