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From the moment I was born something tried to stop me

Encasing me in a dome that had limits I could not see

And it was that barrier which kept me from seeing it all

It wouldn’t be until decades later that I discovered it

The story begins when I was a child with a great gift

One that was noticed and led to me getting rewarded

I was offered a chance of exploration on land and water

Holding little bears and swimming deep in the Reef

But I was told I couldn’t go which marked the first time

Many years later was a time of pain and wondering

It led to the idea and plan to take an adventure miles away

When everything was ready to go I was held back again

And then school resumed and I had to finish my studies

College was supposed to be a time of wanderlusting

It wouldn’t be until my final year that it came true

An opportunity to achieve my main dream for years

Blessings were given and all was originally set for me

Until you once again stepped in and altered my life

Throwing my schedule for a loop with an ultimatum

I realized a decision had to be made and I made one

It was at the moment I knew you were watching me above

A few more years would pass and I took more control

Changing my outlook, my vision and even my appearance

Yet I couldn’t fool you as you peered from the sky above

Just waiting to strike once again which wasn’t far away

I knew since I was a child that I was destined to fly high

And I finally decided to try and earn the rights to my wings

But you fought the hardest here to prevent me from this

Delays and miscommunications stalled me for several months

Nearly a quarter of the year I spent attempting to win

Setback after setback, frustration building upon itself on me

It was here that I finally came face-to-face with this barrier

I finally broke, sat there teary-eyed and slammed at it hard

This is what you wanted to see from me this whole time

Disheveled and broken but safely in the dome that you built

However that fire wouldn’t extinguish no matter what you did

And I eventually picked myself up and received my rights

Holding it in my hands was a big accomplishment of its own

But I wasn’t satisfied with this alone and needed to use it

I had to grab those wings and break through the barrier above

Which kept me contained and grounded for all these years

Another opportunity came a few years ago but you blocked me

Like a few times before the excuse was that I wasn’t opulent enough

Yet I didn’t break again and I continued to beat on the barrier door

I was able to sojourn in new domains and plan my next attempts

Creating a new chapter of my life that I felt I truly controlled

What wasn’t expected was the desperation move you made

Prematurely ending that sojourn and shrinking the dome

Not only that but attacking family and friends to get my focus

Realizing I would put aside this dream to tend to them first

As the year came to a close I was once again at square one

Frustrated, but not broken, I finally sensed fear that I’m close

You know you cannot keep this up forever and I know it too

Eventually I will shatter through this barrier you created me

Not even this current pervasive malady can stop me from this

I will succeed and I have the support of my family and friends

Even if some are wary of me going on this long overdue voyage

You can try to clip my wings but if you take the air I have water

I’m willing to face my fears of it and swim the rest of the way

Just to feel fresh new air and experience foreign moments

Because something out there awaits for me to safely arrive

To join in the revelry of the cosmopolitans as we make memories

Time is running out for you as I have the key to no longer stay

I will cross over this barrier and finally see the world one day. . .

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