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There once was a little boy who went to a school nearby

It was a few years after starting classes but still was shy

He made a few friends, though, who were like him too

All the unpopular and nerdy kids were the ones he knew

Yet this boy was the most kind and caring he can be

To all the teachers, parents and classmates he could see

He had big creative dreams that he wanted to come true

And he certainly had the brains to make all of it ensue

Kindness and intelligence are what he had going for him

His physique wasn’t like the others for he wasn’t as slim

It certainly showed at times especially when playing PE

Always picked last in soccer and relegated to be goalie

Add in the glasses and eventual braces and he was a sight

Fortunately for him was that he never got into any fights

But soon his fire of helping and kindness started to wane

For other classmates took advantage of him for their gain

Though book smart, he lacked confidence and street smarts

Helping out the lazy, the jocks and the supposed sweethearts

Despite all this they would still find ways to mock and tease

From his weight to his look to his behavior all with an ease

Over time the once carefree boy soon started to grow sad

And he couldn’t open up to his siblings, his mom or his dad

Then one rainy day at school his longtime crush appeared

He was hoping she’d say she liked him and call him her dear

She confessed that she thought he was cute and ran like a mare

But he saw she went to her friends and laughed after her dare

Disheartened, he felt as if his life was truly a sort of sad novella

The rain continued to fall and he just realized he had no umbrella

After another day of being picked on he went on his way home

Yet the rain changed his walking path to one he’s never roamed

Into the woods he nervously traversed to be his shortcut

While clearing the negative thoughts and keep his mind shut

One couldn’t tell what was the rain and what were his tears

Soon it would be accompanied by something called his fears

Through the darkness of the woods he sought a light to shine

When instead he would run into a ferocious, hungry canine

The boy wanted to scream for help with all of his might

But felt too petrified by what he saw that was in his sight

Not only was this wolf much bigger and with sharper teeth

But had green eyes to go along with it’s ability of speech

The wolf said he’s been watching the boy as he grew up

And saw how life’s been so unkind towards him this pup

The wolf growled that not all people were good or sweet

They’ll keep using his mind but one day other anatomy

He sensed the boy wanted laughter, adventure and love

And offered to help the boy with two out of three above

This beast said that there’s just one thing that boy must do

Which was to follow the wolf and learn what’s long overdue

The boy was nervous and scared at what he might become

But he wanted to be treated different and see a new outcome

One where nobody’s words or antics will ever get to him again

Full of confidence and able to get what he wants with certain

So young and naive he was willing to do whatever it would take

And the boy told the wolf to do what he must to end this ache

The wolf smiled and bowed his head at the boy’s request

This won’t hurt at all and going forward he did suggest

The boy saw the wolf start to eye down his soaked raincoat

As the beast howled and swiped his claw nearly at his throat

Startled with his eyes shut, the boy thought he had missed

Until he opened his coat and looked down to get the gist

For near the very center of his chest laid the wolf’s mark

It did not hurt at all nor was bloody just only very dark

The boy looked up and instantly could tell he was different

He just wasn’t sure if it was good or something abhorrent

The wolf said he had to go and was keeping what he took

And to never seek him out to reclaim what the boy mistook

As the rain continued to fall the boy grew much colder

He had to get home now, feeling empty but much bolder

There will still be tough times as he gets older he knew that

But he’s better prepared today with a plan that won’t fall flat

The wolf said he could lead him home if he followed him out

So the boy trusted him that spanned decades with little doubt

If only the boy knew the effect it’d have later in his adulthood

For giving up his adoring light to the wolf in the dark woods. . .

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