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He hasn’t thought about it for many years now

It’s been so long since he’s been near the area

As the man grew older he focused on himself

Going on to get the degrees in such a short time

Landing a good career that led to higher places

He dropped the glasses that wasn’t necessary

And even lost the weight that always haunted him

Life was genuinely going very well for the man

Yet decades later he still felt something missing

Where he lived felt like winter every single day

Always seeking out the sun for some warmth

Looking in his own mirror after a hot shower

Touching the mark on his chest left long ago

It still had an icy touch to it even to this day

Despite having it all in his life he thought

And feeling the adulation of everyone around

Something was still not sitting right with him

He still wasn’t completely happy nor himself

One Autumn morning he awakens next to her

He’s been with this woman for almost two years

And she’s been able to bring a smile to his face

Enjoying the warm touch of her hand on his cheek

She slowly brought him out of his shell of devotion

One that was formed back when he was a child

It was a shell that was dedicated not to keep in

But was built as a means to keep away from him

Persistent as she was though she finally broke it

Yet that determination almost costed her dearly

For in that cold Autumn she fell into a sickness

One that she had a good chance of overcoming

But the journey to get there would be painful

It was very hard for the man to see her like this

He was there by her bedside as much as he could

Providing the support that she so gave to him

However he struggled to warm this cold air

Barely cracking a smile as he tried to say 3 words

He wanted to give her his all but he couldn’t

She gazed upon the man that she deeply loved

Smiled and simply told him to not be afraid

And then she closed her eyes falling into slumber

It was at that moment he knew what was missing

He realized why everything around him was cold

Why his life has been so good but not as intimate

It had to do with the mark and what was taken

This involved a wolf he once met as a young boy

After escaping the woods that rainy day he left

He ran away from that town and never returned

Throwing away his past as best as he could

But nothing stays buried forever in this world

Changing everything about him did indeed work

It just came at a cost that he did not know about

However the wolf did know what would happen

The man hasn’t been the same since that event

Searching far for that warm light he once had

And now with the woman he cared deeply for

There was someone who could reignite that fire

He wanted to be wholly open with her always

But first he had to make himself whole first

Especially in this moment of need she is in

He knew he had to be there for her at this time

Yet he knew what would help her through this

So the man ventured back to where it all began

The town he once left was even bigger than before

However it felt more desolate and frigid here

The man hated how accustomed he felt to all of this

He wasn’t sure if it was because of him or the wolf

Crossing through old neighborhoods brought it up

Of friends and family and their struggles they had

The shouting, the jealousy, the fights and more

He swore that he would never fall into that trap

It made him uninspired to even consider pursuing

That which he has now found himself in with her

For a while he was happy meeting this wolf

Grateful for showing him how to be resistant

But it actually made him more vulnerable than ever

The man finally approached the very woods long ago

It appeared darker and colder with snow gently falling

And into them he went in search of the beast’s den

Time was nonexistent here in the woods as he walked

He couldn’t remember which way he was going

Running from other wild animals that chased him

Cutting his skin through unforgiving tree branches

Trying not to drown in the freezing river waters

It seems the wolf made sure the journey was hard

The man was beaten, bruised, and weak from it all

With no sense of time he knew he had to hurry home

For she needed him as much as he needed her there

He just wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it back

The snow came down harder as he fell to his knees

He just needed some source of strength to keep him going

And so he pulled out a photo of her smiling to enjoy

When suddenly the wolf appeared to him up on a hill

The wolf growled as it began making it’s way down

It knew exactly what the man came here to retrieve

He could see his prize pulsating behind the wolf up there

It doesn’t belong here as it’s meant to be given to her

And there was only one way he was going to get it back

He put away her photo knowing it might be the last time

He may not return home to see her beautiful face

All these decades later the wolf had no desire for words

It wasn’t welcoming or helpful towards the man like before

Resembling a beast that he should’ve avoided as a youth

As the man readied himself for what he must do

The wolf reached the ground and again growled

It truly thought it was responsible for the man’s success

But at this moment he realized it wasn’t due to the wolf

It was all of his efforts and his own willpower to thrive

He became resilient and strong towards those kids

He grew up and learned to know good from bad

Though the wolf took something from him dear

The man discovered that the fire never died out

That is how he got to this point here and now

He may not be whole but the flame still flickers

He thought of his parents who were there as a kid

The man thought of the woman who was there now

The one he hopes to see smile again after this struggle

He was no longer afraid of it nor the wolf ahead

He’s survived so much of life with only a mark there

Enduring these woods and soon to be this fierce beast

To get one thing that he won’t keep for long with him

The coldness within began to heat up with devotion

Rising up telling himself that he will indeed see her soon

Even though he doesn’t know how this is all going to end

The snow fell in the woods as they charged at each other

For this man wasn’t just fighting for himself but for her

Because she was the One whom he wanted to have his heart. . .

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