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It’s been a while since I’ve really updated y’all on how I’ve personally been, and I return with good news: I got a new job and today was my first day! After going through several rounds of interviews, I received the call a few weeks ago, and here we are beginning a new chapter. A part of me will miss my writing internship, as there were some great people there. But I know there will be amazing people here as well; based on the few interactions I’ve already had so far.

Plus, the writing won’t end as I do have my blog here and Instagram to maintain. However, you already know I have an eye towards the future and the possibilities that come with it. If you recall, I wrote an article titled Things I’m Looking Forward To Doing When COVID-19 Ends in which I discuss things I couldn’t wait to resume/start doing when things get better. We just crossed off the first (and biggest) thing off that list, and so eventually we can focus on the other things. As of now, things such as concerts and other public events are still severely hindered. Other places have capacities and mask requirements (which can be annoying at times, honestly). So the adventures are narrowed down to road trips and outdoor activities like hiking. That’s perfectly fine by me, and it could start up maybe later this month.

Other little things can include getting a podcast microphone and a digital camera for blogging purposes. The microphone might be trickier to get, because every site I looked at either there’s no stock available or the price skyrocketed due to supply & demand. But don’t think for one second I’ve forgotten those things, trust me I haven’t and it was annoying for me too having to set it aside for some time. But the ball will soon start rolling, and hopefully these other things mentioned on the list can start to be looked at with seriousness. The car will be a grind to save for, but could come someday next year. And of course, you know the main target I’m aiming for: traveling.

I won’t say anything to jinx it, nor get too far ahead of myself, but with this opportunity it will help in being able to afford it and see the places I’ve longed to see. The question is now slowly shifting from If to When it will happen. And it all starts here with this job, which is special in it’s own way. My longtime Seekers will recall that I attempted to do something after I graduated a few years ago. It didn’t work out then, however here I find myself at the place I’ve tried to get into since I was in college nearly 10 years ago. Sometimes, life truly does come full circle; even if it’s not how you originally envisioned it. . .

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