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How many times have we said that the weekends are never long enough? That is particularly true this weekend, as it would’ve been good to have an extra day or two off. Friday was okay, overall, except for the fact that my excitement for my incoming microphone was squashed. I received an email stating that there was a delay in delivering it to my house. In fact, I don’t even think they have any in stock at the moment. So tonight, actually, I cancelled my order with that store and bought another one from Amazon. It’ll be from a 3rd party seller, however they claim to have stock and it’s a highly reviewed seller with positive reviews so I trust them.

As for the other store I cancelled from, even if they ship it out before the cancellation request goes through I can take it to a store to get a full refund the site claims so it’s okay. The Amazon one claims it could arrive by the end of the week, so let’s hope this is finally it. In the meantime, Saturday was a fun day with friends from grad school. I spent the afternoon with one, shopping at a store, before we headed to dinner to meet the other two. I know I said I wouldn’t get into collecting, however I think I’ll still collect some books and graphic novels, and maybe(!) a art/collectible item that I might stumble upon. Don’t worry, I won’t have a huge room or home filled with merchandise like you see on YouTube videos. I won’t lie, though, I stumbled upon this Black Suit Spiderman statue and would love to have it; symbiote Spidey is my all-time favorite.

Feeling hungry, we went to a brewery downtown for dinner. They had pizza, wings, and chef specials; including chorizo mac & cheese. I really wanted to try the last one, but my friends said my stomach would probably pay for it later. So I had the pepperoni gorgonzola pizza, which was quite good! A little greasy, and it probably played part in my stomachache the following morning. But it was a perfect time to hang out, too, to celebrate me getting a new job and a friend getting full veterans benefits recently. However, my friends were interested primarily in one thing that night: drinking.

From the brewery, we walked along the river flowing through the streets to two other places with bars. I wouldn’t say I had a lot but, considering I hardly drink to begin with, I did feel a little of the effects. Fun fact about me: I’ve never been drunk in my life. Tipsy, yes, but not drunk to where I lost all control and even forget what happened. My friends, ever since I was of legal age to drink, have always had this desire to see me get drunk. That and get mad, which to me is weird. But overall, it was a nice night catching up with friends and it seems like they want to hangout again soon. The second place we went to was actually a place I used to go to for burgers and just relaxing outdoors. Unfortunately, it closed and got new management and with it so busy this night I couldn’t exactly analyze the place to see the full changes. I may have to go again, during the daytime, to get a better feel for it. Considering more places are opening up, in general, the options of things to do with my friends could go up as well. I just have to be careful with the drinks, because this morning I felt some of the aftermath effects.

Things such as the light and noises weren’t painful to me, rather my stomach and head were aching. Was it the drinks? Could be. Was it the greasy pizza? Maybe that was it. A combo of the two? More than likely. Either way, I didn’t eat “breakfast” until noon even though I woke up at 6:30 am. I hate my body for not caring about me. Just because I have a job again, suddenly my body happily adapts to waking up early even if it’s the weekend. I can never sleep in late, or take naps so imagine the jealousy of hearing others talk about sleeping in late or napping. By noon, the stomachache and headache mostly went away. Still feeling tired, so I’ll probably try and sleep early tonight. Overall, it was a pleasant weekend with good weather. The microphone was the annoying thing, but let’s see if tonight’s change works. I also dabbled a little bit with Instagram ads, but I think I’ll continue trying to build my following organically – like I did for this blog the last 3 years. Everything is coming together, slowly, but as I told a close friend of mine: even if things don’t seem to be working out one way, there’s always another door that we may have not thought about before. We just have to be creative to find another solution. . .

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