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Taking Over the Airwaves Shortly

Wednesday is over, I survived the traffic coming home, and arrived to a nice gift waiting for me. My microphone has finally arrived!

This was the second of three packages that I had ordered, with the final one expected to come sometime this weekend. I want to say this is the last big shopping spree for the foreseeable future, but we don’t know what will happen. I can’t make guarantees. Does anyone else have a shopping list folder on their browser of things they’d like to buy one day when they can?

Yup, I do as well. But none of the stuff on that list are “Buy now!” type things. I’m trying to watch the spending, because I want to allocate that money towards the adventure part of my life. One part of it being for friends who want to go out for drinks or events, maybe roadtrips, and the other part being for travel which I’ll delve into a little more in a future post.

But getting this mic really lifted my spirits tonight, because it’s another symbol of how close we are to achieving goals. I’ll spend the rest of this week reading up the instructions, testing it out and see how it fares. The box came a little dinged up, so I figure it was smushed with other packages in the drive over here. But the mic, itself, appears fine from initial views. This weekend I might hang out with friends again for some haunted house adventures, which I’ll let you know about. However, that might delay posting the first episode of my soon-to-be-started podcast. Either way, it’ll happen and I couldn’t be more excited. Are you ready?

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