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Just a quick update on how things are going here: tiring. I know I said that I hope to have the podcast up and running by this weekend, but a slight delay might push it back a week. Again, all I need is to write an intro/outro script for the voice-over person I had in mind, which won’t be a long script. It’s just knowing what exactly I want them to say. Perhaps tonight, I can finalize a draft of it. Once they get the draft, it should be about 3 days before I get it back to use for my podcast. From there, it’s all on me to produce the weekly content. And I want to get it going by Friday, because one of my favorite shows – A Million Little Things – returns this week and I’d love to talk about it.

Another thing that did take some time away from focusing on the podcast was the abrupt overhaul of this website, which so far has received warm reviews. I’m glad y’all are liking the new name and look of it! Of course, the main goal is talking about adventures, and if you read carefully the home page you might’ve noticed a big dream that I set for all of this. Producing my own travel show being the dream. Now this will be discussed in a future post in the near-distant future, but I have been thinking about the steps that will be necessary of me to take in order to even enter the realm of that possibility. The big one is overcoming a subtle hesitancy I have about something. Tune in later this week to learn more about what I’m talking about!

Finally, the last thing that’s been occupying my time now and going forward for the next several weeks is the fact that my soon-to-be 2 year old nephew has now become my new roommate at home. With my sister traveling with her oldest child abroad, the littlest guy will be staying here until after November; maybe December. It hasn’t been long, but already he’s showing me how crazy it will be taking care of him. However, I know there will be amazing moments as well like him teaching me things while I try to teach him some things. As I said, life can throw unexpected things, and he certainly is one as my schedule now shifts around him. When I come home from work, I will help out feeding and playing with him. That means my time dedicated to blogging, podcasting, and researching are in flux and I must adapt and find what works. It also means my workouts, which have been on and off so much lately, needs to be figured out as well. In the holiday season, full of cookies and other desserts, it won’t be easy. However, I’m loving that Christmas music is now playing 24/7 on the radio station here in town. . .

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