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This weekend was supposed to be the debut of my new podcast, The Lone Wrangler, however it’s been a time-sped two days. Friday, my almost 2 year old nephew finally went back home to his parents. My sister and the rest of her family returned from abroad, and picked him up, literally, right before I returned home from work. Even though he had his moments of crying and tantrums, the rest of the time was him and I bonding which I loved. Out of everyone, he connected with me the most and I made sure to record those memories. I probably won’t see him until next weekend, though, as we slowly draw closer to our birthdays. Him and I have birthdays right next to each other, so we may have a little together party; him getting most of the attention, of course.

Now that he’s back home, it also means that I have much more free time to get back to the things I wanted to do. Not that he was a burden, but any parent reading this knows that taking care of a kid changes your life and schedule a whole lot! Several things were put on the back burner, as I came home and was on uncle duty the rest of the night. One of which was that podcast. I promised and promoted that it would be the weekend it debuted. Friday night, he was gone and I spent time with my dad watching our show. Saturday, I began making headway with the podcast as I experimented with the mic. However, my conscious kept bothering me that I needed to find the perfect room to record. The rooms I tried to use had windows, but there’s this annoying dip in the road behind the house where, if a big car or truck hits it, a loud noise is made that can be heard very well inside the house. So I began moving my mic and computer to other places that didn’t have risks of the road behind the house, while maintaining the privacy so that others wouldn’t hear or bother me as I record.

Eventually I found a room, even if full of junk that needs to be cleaned out, to record my podcast. So Saturday night, I had a part down, but there’s still about 2-3 more parts to record. Today, Sunday, was supposed to be the day I do it, however football took up the early morning/afternoon as well as British baking shows. Anyone else love watching baking shows? It’s strangely addicting! Or maybe my inner chubby self misses those days of sweets. Afterwards, however, I developed a headache that felt close to a migraine. It led to me taking an unexpected nap, and it still lingered only slightly less than before. I feel bad that I’m not able to finish it this weekend, however I plan to have it up early this week. When I get home after work each day I will resume recording. My desire to produce a great first episode is too strong, and while I want to keep it real and show who I am (feeling great or not) I want to start positive.

As I yearn for Christmas break to get here as quickly as possible, I still am planning things around the travel series as well. I have my package coming in this week with plug adapters and lapel microphone. This weekend, I made another big purchase that can help immensely – a new phone. This one should have a much improved camera for not only Instagram, but maybe video capture as well. While I would like to have a more professional camera, perhaps a phone camera with better quality can help at least showcase sites and myself as host. It should also have more storage for apps, because on my current one I’m fighting every day to make space on there; even though I only have like 3 apps total. That should arrive within the next two days, so for those following me on Instagram you should notice the change in quality! Anyway, just a quick update on what’s happening. Even though I’m not feeling too well to record, I will try to get started on other posts for the blog since I have much more time now to do what I want to do; including working out and getting rid of the Thanksgiving weight before Christmas arrives. . .

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