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Before he sailed the seas, he once dreaded the water

At only eleven, nearly drowning in a lake within a canyon

He vowed that there was no way that he should’ve lived

Yet somehow he escaped from the near total darkness

Ever since then his life was forever tied to the Adam’s ale

A part of him knew this and a part of him ignored that

As he grew into a man he kept testing all his limitations

He began to feel as if he was destined for something grand

There must’ve been a reason why he was allowed to live

While he played with the boundaries without any fear

A portion of his mind couldn’t stop thinking of the water

Somehow he knew his life would lead him back to it

And lead him back it did as he went on to become a sailor

If he wanted to overcome his one fear he had to face it

So the sailor spent several years sailing the seas with crew

Learning all that he could about captaining a ship

As well as dealing with everything the sea will throw

Perhaps others before him fled upon seeing the angry sea

But he soon embraced and laughed at this saline plight

The sailor managed to escape the water all those years ago

And the sea never forgave him for that and pursued him

Wanting something it felt rightfully belonged to it now

Refusing to leave, waiting for the right moment to claim it

Yet, again, the sailor believed destiny was on his side

That any goals he had was meant to be accomplished

Captaincy, adventure, networks, friends and family

He was well on his way to accomplishing most of them

The latter was the only one that remained ashore

He knew this life would affect finding a good person

Yet he remained hopeful a life at sea wouldn’t stop him

If he could only hear the sea laughing malevolently

Until one day, the captain of the ship approached him

Telling the sailor that he showed enough promise

And someday soon he will inherit his own ship and crew

Excited, the sailor wanted to celebrate ahead of time

Which he did as they docked along the Mediterranean coast

With his crew of brothers, they went to drink and dance

Revelling at the thought of him leading his own ship

It was there he came across a woman singing lovely

Once he approached, they never broke conversation

And the parable that began long ago just resumed

The sailor and the crew remained at this coast

For they had business to do for a month or two

And in that time, he grew closer and closer to her

Before he knew it, he had a partner and captaincy

Yes once business wrapped up, he won his own ship

So while some crewmates sailed off, he kept some too

The new captain even let her aboard to sail a few weeks

She would explore the oceans while they remained close

They thought of seeing the world together one day

But for now the places near her home will do to start

He taught her some things about managing a ship

Being able to read the sky and the winds to notice

How the sea would fare that day as they sailed across

The winds indicated that something was coming

Clouds began to darken as the rain fell from afar

The captain and her actually loved the raindrops

Seeing the positives and knowing they can dance

As he ordered the crew to brace for the storm

There was something about this moment he liked

Everything felt just right in his mind and in his life

He had the crew, the ship, the adventure and now her

And it was the latter that he wanted to say something to

So as the rain began to fall a bit harder upon the decks

He told her by the wheel three things he wanted to say

At last, the sea finally had him where She wanted him

Almost instantly with the rain, the winds kicked up

And the ship began to move in circles on the water

The captain realized what he had done and looked

For they had sailed into a vortex that was sinking them

This was no coincidence, he thought, She was here

Suddenly those memories as a child came back

No, this couldn’t be right, this isn’t his destiny

He refused to go down like this here on his ship

But caring for the crew and her, he told them to go

Abandon ship before the sea came aboard

Understandably, she refused to leave his side at all

Some crewmates staying to fight against the sea

But the fight didn’t last long as the water crept over

Flooding the decks and sending her crew aboard

The captain was not going to let others suffer

For something that only had to do with himself

He valiantly fought against it until one aqua push

Sent him falling back into the boat’s wooden side

The force was so powerful, it knocked him out

It was time for the sea to claim what She wanted

The woman and the remaining crew were horrified

Their captain laid there unconscious unable to help

They could feel the monstrous water creeping closer

Everyone sensed what it wanted from this encounter

The woman grasped his body and begged him to awake

But he was slipping away like when he was just eleven

Time was running out as the ship was flooding more

The captain’s best friend and crewmate could see

He had to carry on and save the rest including her

It wouldn’t be easy to pull her away from the captain

She didn’t want to say goodbye as the sea drew nearer

Not wanting to give up hope on him and this destiny

Until the crewmate pulled her away and jumped off ship

She would eventually come to fall in love with this person

Although that would take time as she had to process

Those final moments she saw as she swung off the ship

Wishing the captain had told her of his history with Her

Perhaps she could’ve tried to prevent this end sooner

Or maybe stop this from ever happening to him at all

It was painful to be helpless as the water took him down

To be swallowed by the sea, and never seeing him again

Him and the precious ship he dreamed so long of having

Angry that She got what she wanted and gets to keep forever

The sailor, and then captain, was right he was destined to be

But it wasn’t mainly of success, connections, adventure, oh no

All these years running from the darkness he always feared

Searching for a guiding Light that he was never going to find

This was the destiny he knew and wanted to ignore so much

And at his most vulnerable, when he said those three things

The sea took advantage and took those words for Her own

Finally taking his heart and bringing him down into the depths

Watching in spirit as the woman he cared for soon move on

For his destiny was cursed to always be the one before the One. . .

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