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How an upcoming trip could sway the series’ direction

In my latest post, My Instagram Journey: 7 Month Review, I mentioned how I’ve been in contact with fellow influencers; including those pertaining to travel. For the most part, they’ve been a pleasure to talk with as I learned about some of their dreams as well as some of their struggles in this realm. A few have even offered some tidbits regarding the travel series that I have talked about creating. Things have been slow on that front, as I continue to stay alert on how international travel is doing. I hope that by early summer, traveling abroad will be ideally as close to normal as before.

The last update I had regarding this was about finding my niche – mainly for this series, but also how it can blend into this blog and Instagram account. As a reminder, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 possible niches: the foodie, the hidden gem, and the sports lover. While this will be the primary focus of the series, this doesn’t mean it will be limited to that alone. For example, if we did sports, besides showing the history of a stadium I can also show the nearby places fans go to eat and switch to foodie Steve. That’s one of the things that fellow IG influencers confirmed for me is that I can still showcase other facets of travel, and not have to worry about sticking to just one thing only. As time passed since the prior update, my niche preference has largely remained in the same order: sports and hidden gems (tied at the top) with foodie coming in last. Of course, food can be incorporated into the other two, so I’m not too concerned about that. It’s still choosing between the top two choices that I’m trying to navigate through.

Looking back on Mickela Mallozzi’s Bare Feet travel series, not only did she pursue her main passion of dancing but she also entered a sector of traveling that was largely untapped. While some travel series touched on, perhaps, a dance festival or event, she dove even further and told stories not commonly shared on other series. That is how I feel about sports, because as I mentioned in my previous post – there has only been one decently well-known travel series pertaining to sports (Dhani Tackles the Globe). Hidden gems, meanwhile, is gaining steam every year as more and more travelers and influencers explore every nook and cranny of this world and share it. The thing is, how much of it do we see on television or on video streaming sites?

At the end of the day, though, it comes down to actually doing it. We can plan it out as much as we want, but how it looks on paper may look and feel completely different in practice. Which is why I’ve been more than eager to try my hand at actually trying to do a mini-series, of sorts, to get a feel for what it would be like. With things opening back up, and businesses can be full capacity here in Texas, my friends are wanting to make up for lost time and stretch their legs beyond this city. Recently, we’ve agreed to try and do something outdoorsy every Saturday; which I’m thinking I should try and write about as well. We have plenty of nature spots that, while are getting more attention, can still be classified as hidden gems; especially if I include more historical facts about them. They’ll definitely be featured on my Instagram page, however I have my eye towards a few weeks from now. My friends and I are discussing taking a road trip several hours from town.

I don’t want to give too many details right now, but it’s been hoops to jump through determining how my friends and I wanted to move forward with this. Originally, the plan was to take a weekend trip to New Orleans; which I’ve never been to yet. But some were hesitant, as they pondered if a 3-day (max) weekend is enough to fully enjoy NOLA. Other cities, like Boston and Chicago, came up but the same issue came up. There’s merit to this, however I think you can make the most of even one day if you know how you want your experience to be. If you’re all about spontaneity, then you can simply up and go somewhere and experience whatever comes up. If you’re more of the planner type, then trimming your itinerary to have the essential places you want to see in a small amount of time should work just fine. There’s always another time to go back and see everything else! In the end, we decided to keep it in-state for this upcoming adventure.

The idea is for the trip to start Friday afternoon, driving several hours, to try and make it to a nighttime event. After that night, we’ll try to hit some well known places in the city, before we head to another city nearby later that night. That city will be right by the coast, so Saturday night and Sunday will be focused on soaking up the sun and enjoying the ocean horizon. Sunday night will be when we head back home. Sounds simple, and hopefully it is, but with my friends anything can happen. This coming weekend we will probably cement those plans and start investing; like buying tickets and make reservations. It will be a great opportunity to truly test out the camera I got for Christmas, as well as the lapel microphone that I bought for interviews and documenting my travels. Along this trip, it will include both sports and hidden gems which provide the best of both options; can’t forget all the food we’ll eat! I don’t anticipate it being my best work, but it’s a start in establishing a persona. It’ll also help me see what I’m comfortable doing, and what to expect when creating a mini-series. It won’t be on YouTube, rather it will be on my IG reels and stories. I’ll have to do a little research before this trip, but I also want it to feel natural and enjoy the trip. This isn’t my full-time work yet, and for my first time doing this I still want to enjoy most of the trip. That’s one of the common things I have read and heard from those who made travel their life: the slow turn from enjoyable hobby and passion into the hustle of producing content for this work. While some maintain the enjoyment, others feel like they lost the passion at the beginning since it became their job. I’m not at that point yet, but it’s something I have kept my eye on and will need to be mindful of. For now, let’s see how this experiment goes as the travel series is getting closer to coming to fruition. . .

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