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Two years later, the Visitor paid a visit to see him at his place of stay

If two years seems like a long time, then try ten years before that

Although alike in more ways than one, their choices led both men astray

It was those choices that affected the people involved in their lives

For the Visitor, it was mostly positive while the Other was negative

One’s heart had warmth to glow, while the other took in the snow

One was essentially cast out, while the other ventured about

They lived without the other, perhaps it was both of their druthers

But lately the Visitor kept having doubts creep into his mind

That this status quo requires change in which he should try

As if he needed to be there for the Other in this time

Before another snowstorm can commit it’s devilish crime

Too long have they been split apart with nary a memory shared

Hatred filled the Visitor then, but now he couldn’t have cared

For the past is the past, and the future they could still share

He already felt guilty having not been there for his nephew

Who, growing up, was like having a little brother by his side

The Visitor promised this wouldn’t happen, this same tide

He grew tired of being flooded with regret and despair

It was time that certain relationships were allowed to repair

And so he ventured out to find the Other somewhere nearby

But upon the Visitor’s arrival, all he could hear was a loud cry

For he learned the Other, his brother, was no longer in town

An unexpected snowstorm buried his emotions and him down

Once more, the Visitor must be forced to swim the ocean tide

In search for his Lighthouse to guide him through this time

For while they’ve moved on, his heart must carry this crater

As the Visitor has come to not only visit his nephew’s grave

But also his brother’s, who joined his son two years later. . .

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