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Waking up next to another stranger

The sadness and regret rushing in

Not from the actions of last night

But knowing it wasn’t with you

This person marks the twentieth

And just like all the other ones prior

I can’t help but stare into their eyes

Trying to peek into those windows

Each with their own stories to tell

I know more there than I do elsewhere

Some were about four years younger

Others were almost thirty my senior

The pigments of hair and skin varied

Mostly it was one set of eyes next to me

A few times it became a pleasant two

Yet each and every single time in bed

I gaze into those irises of different colors

Trying to replace, or forget, your own

Searching for that similar compassion

The familiar bright soul that was in you

Even though you never laid here before

The tension in-person was so palpable

Everyone around believed we did it

I’m sure we both wanted too as well

But we never did and then you vanished

Leaving both of us with that What If

And it sent me on this carnal quest

Each one only a temporary experience

While I gaze into their eyes each time

Mesmerized by the ring of their irises

Reminding me of the one on your finger. . .

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