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One day, a young woman was going through boxes in the attic

She perused among items she had not seen in many years

Childhood photos, old clothes, souvenirs from past trips

But other items she laid eyes on for the very first time

One such item nestled in the far back corner of the attic

A small chest with faded ornate patterns once beautiful

It had no detailed description on it to indicate what’s inside

All it had on the top were the words “A moment in time”

Briefly she was unsure about opening this container

Wondering if this was what she thought it’d be

Like Pandora, her curiosity got the best of her

Sliding the dusty lid upward she peered within

Numerous items halfway filled the box up

Some of it was postcards and others of photos

The pictures were of a couple she partially knew

The man she somewhat recognized by face

However the woman she simply could not place

Curiosity growing she noticed only one letter inside

The envelope engraved with the name “Beatrice” on it

She had to know who this mysterious woman was

Pausing for a moment to think about what she’ll do

The young woman proceed to break the seal to read

Unfurling the paper she could see the man’s writing

It looked familiar yet different from what she recalls

This was handwriting from before life led him here

She suddenly found herself taken back through time

As she’s introduced to a woman named Beatrice. . .

“Dear Beatrice,

It’s been quite some time since we last spoke.

I hope all has been well these past few years

And that this letter doesn’t startle you so.

You may have thought I’d never reach out,

or maybe you were praying I wouldn’t.

After all, you were the one who ended it.

But I’m writing to you now for closure.

For I was never given that desired moment.

We met so unexpectedly and the fire was there.

Despite me being hesitant, at first, to pursue

I did my best to keep up with your excitement.

Who would’ve thought it’d end the opposite,

and that you’d be the one hesitant to go on.

Then again, a part of me understands it all.

The very nature of our relationship was unique.

We lived on distant shores united by happenstance.

You’re wandering spirit matched and captivated me.

It’s that same spirit that will cause this letter to be lost.

For I have no way of finding you to deliver this letter.

So many places I can imagine you living in currently:

From Rio de Janiero to Moscow, Lisbon to Santiago,

Amman to Barcelona, the possibilities are endless.

Wherever you are, though, just know I never forgot.

All those messages and photos we exchanged.

Every dream, laughter, hopes, and smiles too.

We were so close to building our own empire.

I will cherish them in the back of my mind,

As I try to move forward and begin a new path.

You did what was best for your tender heart,

As I tried so hard and failed to reach you in time.

And though we may no longer be in love

I want you to know that I will always care for you.

Always wanting the best for you no matter what.

Even when you are in the arms of another.

Even when the day comes for bearing children.

All I hope is that once in a bright blue moon,

You think of me and everything we had

And how our chapter led into two bright ones.

You may never come across this letter,

But I’m glad to have finally put pen to paper.

You were the first to see what gifts I can offer.

You truly believed in me and gave me my wings.

And for that, and all other memories we shared,

I’m happy to have had you in my life for it.

Take care of yourself and future loved ones.

Unless we ever meet again, know that I love you.

I always will, my dear Beatrice. . . “

Bittersweet tears rolled down her cheek now

As she peered up above the parchment in awe

It was sweet in that she learned more about her father

But bitter in that it took his passing to find this

The daughter heard many tales of this man

From friends, family members and, of course, mom

Though she only heard few from him, himself

Which didn’t match the grandiose stories others told

Perhaps he was modest and shied from the limelight

Yet everything he ever did in life was so cavalier

Including venturing far away from home for love

The daughter had no ill will towards this woman

She actually was quite thankful for her presence

As her father once taught her while growing up

‘Everyone we meet teaches us something

Whether good or bad, we learn and grow from it’

So this Beatrice surely did the same for her dad

She made him a better man and helped in knowing

Just what exactly he needed to look for in someone

So he would go on to eventually meet her mother

Beatrice was the one before the One in his life

And now she is the one the daughter must meet

Carrying the same cavalier wanderlust of her parents

She took this letter to continue the mission he started

The one her father thought of attempting years ago

So that she can learn not only more about her,

Who was nearly as dear to him as her mother was,

But also of the man she only knew of as he was older

She wanted to curate all memories of her father

Including the ones from before he became a parent

With the letter clutched in her hand, she set off

Beginning the search for this mystifying woman abroad

To hear her story and deliver what her father had written

Hoping to get closure of one chapter and start a new one

For her father, she will finally find his dear, Beatrice. . .

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