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THINGS TO DO IN SAN ANTONIO: For my fellow brunch lovers, or anyone looking for a good lunch or dinner spot in midtown SA, check out Paloma Blanca!!
Paranormal Cirque - Y'all know how long it's been since I've been to the circus? I was a little kid, and that evening my dad and I had no idea we got tickets to a circus that was entirely in Spanish (long before I mastered my Spanglish). Yesterday was the last performance date here for Cirque Italia, before they packed up and left town, and they were amazing!
Somewhere up near Wimberley, I once did an adult summer camp; before Camp No Counselors became huge. I had a blast doing all sorts of activities including: zip-lining, archery, rock climbing, swimming and canoeing. This was one of my favorite spots, by the river, up in a tree house.
Fun fact about me: I've only had coffee twice in my life. Once to prove a point, the other was a bet lost. I just never had the desire to drink it, nor came across a flavor that I felt would be delicious.
A weekend road trip up to San Angelo! This small town provides plenty of art on the streets, and in the shops, while offering unique food choices that'll satisfy your appetite. If you're looking for a place that has a good blend of history, to go along with the modern, then this is definitely a town to visit. Plus, San Angelo even has it's own Riverwalk!
THINGS TO DO IN SAN ANTONIO: This weekend brought nice, cool weather in the 60s (about 17-20° Celsius for my friends abroad), so it was a great time to be outdoors!

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