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The Lone Wrangler Podcast

Hosted by yours truly, I wanted to create a forum that didn’t focus on just one topic. Rather, a place that encompasses a diverse selection of sports interests that many people can connect with. What exactly are those interests? You’ll find all that information and more below!

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From NBA to the NFL, MLB to global football, here will be insight on the latest happenings with teams and players. But we’ll also delve into sports entertainment, and how the WWE shows do each week.


The Lone Wrangler is an up-and-coming podcast that aims to discuss various sports topics without biases and encourage the community to join in on the fun conversations.


Share your thoughts! If there’s a topic you’re interested in hearing about, send a message. Or if you’d like to be heard on the show or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Upload times may vary but, generally, uploads will tend to be at least one episode a week.

Some topics may be discussed more than others due to timing of things, and popularity, however none will be left forgotten.