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Bluebonnet season is nearly over here in Texas, which means Summer is quickly drawing near! Who else enjoys that time of year?
Welcome to the annual Poteet Strawberry Festival!! 🍓
One thing about me you might not know: I. Love. Concerts! Whether it's punk rock to country, edm to jazz, or 1950s style to reggaeton - it doesn't matter the language, I am all for the music. Although, extremely heavy metal might be the exception haha. And while I enjoy the big arena shows, it's actually the little venues I prefer. To me, it just feels more personal and special as you're up close with the band. Anyone else feel the same?
I always advocate to others to take chances and explore every opportunity you get, because you truly have the world at your fingertips! There's just so much to see out there; including here in Texas. For those new to San Antonio, April is usually the time for the annual Fiesta San Antonio events that span nearly 2 weeks. From food to music and dance, cultural events to parades, there's something here for everyone! Last year, Fiesta didn't happen, and this year it's been postponed until June (keep that in mind if you plan to visit or recently moved here).
No this ain't the Bayou, but it certainly has that vibe about it doesn't it? Some friends and I were actually discussing going to NOLA, before switching to our current road trip idea. Btw I got some mini bad news, and some mini good news about that.
Welcome to Jurassic Par... I mean, Government Canyon!! My friends and I were supposed to come here last weekend, but we missed the memo that we had to place a reservation to come. A week later, today, we finally got the chance to hike the trails. And we chose the one most popular: the one featuring actual dinosaur footprints and the mysterious German house 🦖🔎

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